Check Out the 10 Harmful Consequences of Morning Meal Avoidance!



As you all know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which provides energy to embark on the journey of a particular day because it kicks the metabolism of our body. It sets the tone for a productive day by providing essential nutrients to the body.

In today’s contemporary era, Masses are so involved in their work that they have hectic schedules, they think that skipping breakfast is a good idea not only because of their work but as a part of their diet too but they all are wrong. In this exploration, I have delved into the harmful effects of skipping breakfast. Just continue to read this article in its entirety to know why this morning meal should not be overlooked.

Effects of Skipping Breakfast

Morning Meal Avoidance

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Amy S. Margulies, RD, CDCES, LDN, NBC-HWC explains by saying that

 “The morning is a busy time! When you are trying to get yourself to work, even when working from home, or taking your kids to daycare or school, time for you to eat breakfast is not going to naturally occur. It takes conscious effort to make sure you provide yourself with the time to sit down at a table, in a chair, and enjoy at least 15 minutes to consume a well-balanced breakfast.”

A survey was conducted in 2021 with 11924 US adults, through the survey health experts as well as professionals explained that 39% had their breakfast every day (40% male and 38% females), 11% had it once or twice a week (12% males and 11% females), whereas 10% of respondents always skipped breakfast (9% males and 12% females). Be aware of Overprotective Parenting Kills Children’s Exercise

Take a look at the list below which emphasizes the effects of skipping breakfast. Keep scrolling to learn more about it!

Morning Meal Avoidance

  • Skipping breakfast is bad for your health as it is proved that men who skip breakfast have about 27% more chances of sustaining a heart attack when compared to those who eat breakfast.
  • Those who fast until midday have through higher risk of type-2 diabetes.
  • Skipping breakfasts may result in hair loss too.
  • Morning sustenance avoidance might cause weight gain instead of loss as a plethora of masses think about it but It is just a myth that you are losing weight by skipping breakfast. Enhance Your Energy Levels Naturally With These Three Common Foods, Advised by a Health Expert!
  • forgoing breakfast can have negative impacts on energy and mood
  • Missing the morning meal lets you overindulge in food for the whole day. however, this can increase the risk of obesity and other weight gain problems. Moreover, not only this but you may have a high risk of cancer.
  •  If you have your breakfast every day then the study stated that your cognitive functions as well as infinite intelligence are much higher than those who are not having their breakfast.
  • Not having breakfast can trigger a massive dip in blood sugar levels which is the main reason of cause of migraines.
  • It can affect your metabolism.


In the crux, The morning meal should be considered as a fundamental component of a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced breakfast should include whole grains, lean proteins, and fresh fruits so that your physical strength and mental well-being are enhanced to a large extent.

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