Check Out Ooblets’ Choice! Ooblets’ Decision to Join Epic Games Store



In this realm world of the gaming industry, there are many fair share industries. But, the one that has got the attention of the masses around the world is an indie game, developed by Slumberland, which gained notoriety for its shift from releasing on multiple platforms to an exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store.

This is one of the recent incidents that generated continuous buzz among people on various social media platforms. People are so curious to know about this shift in detail. so, It is the responsibility of our platform to provide you with deep accurate information on every latest and trending buzz on time.

Through this exploration, I have delved into the ever-evolving landscape of digital distribution in the gaming world in the view of fact that, the decision that was made regarding this shift has sparked a flurry of reactions from the gaming community.

The Ooblets Saga

Steam is the video game digital distribution service which came into existence on 12 September 2003. There is no doubt that Stream came into existence before the Epic Games Store was launched in December 2018 by Epic Games. It is an irrefutable fact that Both platforms are creating, playing, and discussing PC games.

Ooblets' Decision to Join Epic Games Store

Ooblets first came into existence on Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 01 September 2022. It was developed and published by Glumberland. Every gamer could play these games on Epic Games till October 2023.

According to the heavy research, There are a total six platforms of Ooblets are there which are named Pantsabear Hill, Wildlands, Port Forward, Nullwhere, Badgetown, and Mamoonia. However, To maintain the interest of players, the creators of games continuously make changes update the version, or add new features to it.

However, the predominant reason behind this is that since its launch Rebecca, the developer, knows it takes time to build a perfect game. If you are interested in knowing the shifting of Ooblets to epic games stores continuously read this article to the end.

Glumberland’s Explanation for Switching to Epic Games Store

Ooblets' Decision to Join Epic Games Store

Stream platform provides various games to play which can captivate players but it does not focus on free-of-cost gameplay. On the contrary, Epic Gameplay gains much attention because it offers free games to the players. In short, it has purchased the developers to create the game platform.

Glumberland developers said they would not switch to one more platform according to Epic Games Store’s rules of exclusivity. However, Ooblets will be launched on Xbox One because Epic’s law of exclusivity is limited only to PCs.

Not only this but through the people’s opinion, they said that the existence of Ooblets on the Epic game store lacks the quality of a stream but then, the creators explained that even Steam was messy after its immediate launch fifteen years ago. The platform progressed with time, and so will EGS. Some people found the switch anti-consumer.


In the crux, Ooblets, a game with a dedicated following, chose to no longer release on Steam. The developers and publishers, Glumberland, offered some less-than-favorable explanations for this decision.

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