Charlotte Ritchie Husband: What is Charlotte Ritchie’s family size, in terms of children?



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Gospel music fans all around North America have grown to love Charlotte Ritchie’s supple voice. Her years as the vocalist for Jeff and Sheri Easter were when she was first exposed to Homecoming listeners more than 10 years ago, and she now performs on the Homecoming stage as a cherished solo artist. Charlotte first rose to fame as the soprano singer with the venerable gospel group The Nelons before joining the Easters.

Since beginning her solo career in the spring of 2008, Charlotte has had great success with her two solo albums, “Closer” and “Bridges Over Blue,” both of which have generated widespread recognition, including smash releases on southern gospel and inspirational radio.

She performs solo concerts all across the country at festivals, churches, and women’s conferences, where audiences learn more about the extraordinary heart that goes along with her one-of-a-kind voice.

Charlotte Ritchie Husband

About the Husband of Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie is a woman who is quite content in her marriage. She is married to Greg Ritchie, a phenomenal drummer for the Homecoming musical tour, and they have two children together.

After meeting one another for the first time at a video shoot for the famed singer-songwriter Bill Gaither, the couple started dating and eventually got married in December 1995.

Because Greg Ritchie keeps his private life hidden from the eyes of the public, not much information is available about him.

Charlotte Ritchie Husband

What is Charlotte Ritchie’s family size, in terms of children?

Charlotte and her husband, Greg, who is the virtuoso drummer for the Homecoming concert tour, currently reside in Hendersonville, Tennessee, which is located close to Nashville. They have two children named Landon and Jayna. The eldest of which is four years old and the younger of which is two.

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