Charlie Robinson Death : Night Court Dies at 75


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  Charlie Robinson, a prolific actor who was most known for his roles in the long-running sitcom Night Court as well as several other projects, passed away at the age of 75.

A representative for Robinson confirmed that he passed away on Sunday at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, according to the Associated Press. Heart failure with multi-system organ failures as a result of septic shock and metastatic adenocarcinoma were the leading causes of death in his case.

Charlie Robinson Death

What They Refer to As the Widow’s Statement for the press, read as follows-

“Once referred to by Martin Landau as the greatest, underestimated actor in Hollywood, Charlie Robinson, was the love of my life, husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He was truly the working actor’s actor, and of all his passions, his craft took center stage, with his family being the wind beneath his wings, so he could soar to unbelievable heights! On behalf of my husband and family, I thank you for being a part of the audience.”

In spite of his many interests, his craft took precedence over everything else, with the support of his family serving as the wind under his wings, allowing him to fly to incredible heights! I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of my spouse and family for your participation in the audience.”

Robinson is survived by his wife of almost 25 years, Dolorita, their son together, Luca, other children Charlie P., Christian J., and Byron; grandchildren, and great-grandchildren; sister, Louise, brother, James, step-brother, Virgil, step-mother, Ora, and dog, Nala.

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Charlie Robinson Death

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Who Was Charlie Robinson?

His long-running role as a clerk court and Vietnam veteran in the NBC sitcom Night Court, which aired from 1984 and 1992, is what he is most known for. Robinson was born and raised in Houston.

Aside from acting in films such as Secret Santa and Miss Lettie and Me, Robinson has performed in stage versions of Driving Miss Daisy and Fences, as well as television shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and 30 Rock.

My Husband Died On July 11, 2021

Charlie Robinson, well known for his role in the comedy Night Court, has passed away. He was 75 years old at the time.

Robinson died of cardiac death with multisystem organ failures owing to septic shock and metastatic adenocarcinoma on Sunday at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, according to his spokesman.

Robinson portrayed court clerk Mac Robinson on the long-running NBC sitcom Night Court, which aired from 1984 to 1992 and had a career spanning more than 50 years on both the small screen and the stage.

Robinson, a member of The Actors Studio, has also starred in films such as The River, The House Bunny, Set It Off, Antwone Fisher, Jackson, and Even Money, as well as on TV shows such as Love & War, Buffalo Bill, Home Improvement, Mom, Hart of Dixie, NCIS, and The Guestbook.

He recently appeared in James Tyler’s play Some Old Black Man alongside Wendell Pierce. Robinson won an Image Theatre best actor award and a FRED award for his role as Simon in The Whipping Man; an Ovation Award for best actor for his performance as Troy Maxson in a 2008 production of Fences; and Camie Awards for his roles in Secret Santa (2003) and Miss Lettie and Me (2002), both of which starred Mary Tyler Moore and Burt Reynolds.

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Robinson, who was born in Houston on Nov. 9, 1945, joined Studio 7, Chris Wilson’s acting school at the Houston Music Theatre, in the late 1960s. He relocated to Hollywood after getting cast in a made-for-TV production.

A detailed medical report established his cause of death as cardiac arrest with multisystem organ failure due to septic shock and metastatic adenocarcinoma, as revealed by Robinson’s manager Lisa DiSante.

Who Is Charlie Robinson’s Wife Dolorita Noonan-Robinson?

First of all, it was never an on-again, off-again relationship with me, it lasted 34 years! His first marriage to Arvis ended in divorce, as well as his second marriage to Venus. Also, Venus was his 2nd wife, did not die in a car accident but did pass away some years ago!

Dolorita Noonan-Robinson, an actress in her own right, and physical fitness instructor, met on the set of NIGHT COURT, 34 years prior to his death. They married on August 24th, 1996 in Camarillo, California, just shy of a 9 year, romantic relationship. She was Mr. Robinson’s 3rd wife, and remained his devout spouse and caretaker throughout his illness, continually by his side till his last breath.

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He and his first wife, Arvis, had no children, ending in divorce, where as he and his second wife, Venus Duran, also resulting in a divorce, passed away some years ago, had 2 boys, and Mr. Robinson adopted Venus’s daughter, Cheryl, who ultimately passed away at the age of 30.

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The Bill Murray piece had been completed, and is not ongoing as indicated in the article, and THE LONG GOODBYE & THE JEWISH WIFE were plays, not films.
Ironically art and life can mirror each other; a year prior to his death, Dolorita played Charlie’s nursing home, nurse in LOVE IN the TIME of CORONA.

Dolorita’s Family and Children- Where Is She Now?

When it comes to Dolorita’s family, she has a son named Luca; he is a bright, 21 year old college, student/athlete, and was 20 when his father passed.

Charlie Robinson fathered 4 boys, and had one adopted daughter; the one son was Luca with Dolorita. He never produced 3 girls!

Charlie Robinson Death

Dolorita is now in grief at Charlie’s passing. When he was suffering from his sickness, she had been there to support him.