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Change Days: a New Season Featuring Another Romantic Trip of 2 Weeks for Couples!

Netflix is returned with yet another explosive dating shows that is prepared to crank up the excitement factor greater than ever since the flaming popularity with “Single’s Inferno” throughout 2021. Brace for Change Days season 2, as the new episodes to the enormously successful dating television series Change Days.

This season’s show, which would be hosted by Jang DoYoun, Yang SeChan, Heo YoungJi, as well as Code Kunst, invites four troubled couples to a tropical hideaway where they can try out new romantic relationships apart from their current ones.

After their two-week stay on Jeju Island, each competitor must decide whether to go with their former partner, their new romance, or by themselves.

So, let’s get started with the latest season of this dating show.

What Do We Know About the Change Days Season 2 Release Date?

Change Days

One of the most well-liked South Korean television programs, Change Days season 2, debuted on June 2, 2022. This television show gets a new season after receiving wide acceptance during the first few episodes of its introduction.

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Change Days’ second season has now begun, and several episodes already have been broadcast. Just after the previous episode’s airing, followers of this sitcom were so awestruck by it that they immediately began asking when the next installment will air. On July 14, 2022, Change Days season 2 episode 7 will premiere.

What Is the Show Based Upon?

Change Days

Four couples who are considering splitting up for different reasons go on a journey together, according to KakaoTV‘s description of the show. They went on a date as well as exchanged partners over two weeks, trying to get the long-forgotten rhythm back.

The series provides real-life couples with a romantic retreat, claims the network. The couple had time to reflect on their romance while traveling to Jeju Island. Although there are numerous difficulties. While one pair is spending quality time with one other, many couples are also getting one-on-one interaction.

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Each candidate on the series must go out on a date alongside their perfect match from the very first episode. Before the previous interview, this desirable type is usually selected from each of the candidates. The “ideal” match is made for these new couples mostly by the production team based on each individual’s tastes, likes, or dislikes.

Everyone seems to have dates and weekly kept coming, as well as swapping partners. The partners will determine the outcome of their connection when the time is right.

Therefore, the game is full of inquiries about breakups, remaining together, or finding love with either a member of the group. With its unique perspective on relationships as well as breakups, “Change Day” has become increasingly well-liked all around the world.

What Do We Know About the Contestants of the Dating Show?

Change Days

Let’s learn more about our candidates as we go. Along with Lee Jeong-hun and Choi Hui-Hyeon, Choi Yun-seul and Min Hyo-gi, Kim Tae-wan and Kim Hye-Yeon, and Kim Do-hyeong and Kim Ji-yu are among the contestants.

Jeong-hun as well as Hui-Hyeon, the longest-dating couple upon this show having 1265 days altogether, are proving to be somewhat cool and at ease with one another, yet one of their issues appears to become a lack of spark.

Jeong-hun is indeed a former member of the boy band TST as well as a dance instructor. The couple first connected on a blind date, and Hui-Hyeon also owns a Pilates studio.

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As a result of Hye-Yeon’s shenanigans, Tae-wan as well as Hye-Yeon have been dating for 241 days and are in a very contentious relationship in the series. Her lover is two years younger than Hye-Yeon.

Hye-Yeon connects with others around her instantly, notably Kim Do-hyeong, whereas Tae-wan finds it particularly challenging to interact with others and seems left out along with his girlfriend. Hye-Yeon, the primary school teacher, began dating Tae-wan, a fitness trainer, as a result of his perseverance.

Hyo-gi, as well as Yun-seul, began dating after they met once t a friend’s party and have been together for 529 days! Actor Hyo-gi played the lead roles in Color Rush as well as Color Rush 2. Yun-seul is indeed a university student in the meantime.

Trailer of Change Days!

Let’s get a glance over the show with this preview of season 2 episode 6.


What is the total number of episodes that will be there in the Change Days season 2?

There are indeed 17 episodes planned for Change Days season 2.

Where Can I Watch Season Two of Change Days?

In certain regions, Netflix as well as KakaoTV both broadcast reality dating TV shows.

Is season 1 of the show accessible on Netflix?

Change Days season 2 is still not accessible on the streaming platform, despite Netflix having purchased the licenses to the reality series.


The contestants in the program, who are all attractive, charming, possess good profiles, and have steady careers, are involved in a great deal of drama. dependable and pleasant.

The show’s presenters and MCs are indeed very fascinating. Whether it’s Sechan from Running Man or indeed the actress Moon Chae Won, who’s exquisitely charming, skilled, and composed.

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