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Chance Season 3: Release Date, Renewal, Cast and All You Need To Know

There is a huge chunk of people like me who love psychological drama thrillers. They are the bread and butter of our daily Netflix fix. They are a staple and their importance simply cannot be overstated. This brings me to Chance, yet another understated TV show that fans of the genre would surely know about. Chance is yet another psychological drama thriller starring Hugh Laurie, famous for his work on the TV show “House”, where he plays the eccentric yet genius, Dr. Gregory House. Chance ran for two seasons on Hulu then somewhat disappeared from the entire scene. But what about a season 3? Is a Chance season 3 happening? Or have the producers given up on the show? Read on to find out.

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Chance: About the Show

Chance Season 3
Dr Eldon Chance is a very intense character, and Chance is a very intense show

For those of us who haven’t heard about the show, Chance is an American psychological thriller. It is based on the novel by Kem Nunn having the same name. And rightly so, Kem Nunn is also one of the showrunners for the TV adaptation along with Alexandra Cunningham. The duo have managed to put together the classic novel into a really good TV adaptation.

The show tends to carry a dark vibe and borders on questionable ethics and political elements. This greatly adds to the appeal of the show and makes it more palatable to fans of psychological dramas. Hugh Laurie has managed to put on an impeccable performance yet again as the mysterious Eldon Chance.

The show revolves around Dr. Eldon Chance, who is a neuropsychiatrist. It follows Chance as he is pulled into the dark hole that is the messed up mysterious life of his patient Jaclyn Blackstone. It is now up to Chance to save Jaclyn from her abusive husband, while he battles his own demons from the past, digging up his own skeletons in the closet.

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Chance Season 3: The Cast

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie would be starring in Chance Season 3

The show has impeccable casting, especially when we consider the protagonist. Hugh Laurie was the perfect choice for the role of Dr. Eldon Choice, considering his experience working as the lead protagonist in House. The role fits him perfectly like a glove and it is as if it was designed for him. The main cast for the series is as follows:

  • Hugh Laurie starring as Dr. Eldon Chance
  • Gretchen Mol as Jaclyn Blackstone
  • Ethan Suplee starring as Darius ‘D’ Pringle
  • Greta Lee as Lucy Baek
  • Stefania LaVie Owen as Nicole Chance
  • Clarke Peters as Carl Allan
  • Brian Goodman as Detective Kevin Hynes
  • Paul Schneider as Ryan Winter
  • Diane Farr as Christina Chance
  • Michael McGrady as Sanford Pringle
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Kristen Clayton
  • Alyson Reed as Lindsay
  • Ginger Gonzaga as Lorena
  • Tim Griffin as Frank Lambert

This rounds up most of the cast for the entire show. As we said before, the cast is impeccable and we couldn’t ask for more.

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Chance Season 3: Renewal

Chance Season 3
Chance Season 3 has been canceled by Hulu

Following the limited success of seasons 1 and 2 of Chance, Hulu has decided to cancel the show. The first season itself was not very popular and didn’t earn Hulu enough money to make another season, but they were already signed up for 2 seasons and hence released the second season, again to limited reception and success. So the chances of the show being renewed were already very slim. Hulu confirmed our suspicions by pulling the plug on the show and canceling it outright after a season 2. Hence, the show has been canceled and there are no plans to bring it back to the screens.

What may come as some sort of compensation to the fans is the fact that the creators of the show mostly wrapped up the characters’ stories in season 2, unlike the cliffhanger season 1 ended on, so there isn’t much to be seen in season 3 anyway. Also, while the show had limited reception and viewership, it was met with generally favorable reviews and viewers really liked the show. Take that for what it is, if it makes the fans feel any better.

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Chance: Final Words

While the show may stand canceled, it is still worth it for what it is. We would recommend that you give the series a chance. Given the positive reception, we are sure you would not mind watching it. However, consider the fact that you may never get to see the conclusion it deserved.

The show met with generally positive reviews and has a rating of 7.7 on IMDb, based on the user reviews. That is a pretty decent rating and we would say that the show is worth watching.

If you want to watch the first two seasons of Chance, you may watch them on Hulu. Or if you’re living in India, you may catch the show on Amazon Prime Video.

Chance Poster

What do you think about Chance? Are you disappointed with the show creators? Or was the unfortunate turn of events something you expected? What do you think about the first two seasons? Let us know in the comments down below.

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