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We are going to tell you about Chaitra Hallikeri’s particular and professional life. She’s a well- known Indian actress, model, TV personality, media face, and online sensation from Bangalore, Karnataka, and people are formerly interested in knowing her, but now suddenly the whole world is looking for Chaitra Hallikeri’s memoir the whole social network is full of effects related to it.

Some want to know about her particular life, on this runner, we will bandy her particular and professional life, Chaitra Hallikeri Wiki, memoir, career, family, family, father, mama , life, swain, and numerous further. All of her details are listed below.

 Chaitra Hallikeri Wiki

 Today we are talking about Chaitra Hallikeri is also known as Chythrra Hallikeri. There’s a high trend in Google quests. Assuming you’re looking at Chaitra Hallikeri’s Wiki, memoir, and need to have a deep understanding of her data, and connections, you’re in an ideal situation and a comprehensive dataset is a must-have.

 Chaitra Hallikeri Memoir

 Chaitra Hallikeri is a well- known Indian actress, model, TV personality, media face, and online sensation from Bangalore, Karnataka. She’s well- known throughout the country for her outstanding work in the Kannada cinema assiduity. She has been in the film assiduity since 2003, still, she took a pause due to her marriage.

Gunna, Khushi, Well Done, and others were among her film sweats. She has appeared in a many diurnal detergents, including Radhakrishna and Kinnari.

chaitra hallikeri wiki

If you’re looking for the wiki or memoir of Chaitra Hallikeri and want to know everything about her particular details and the job also you’re in the right place and the complete information is essential for you. She has gained a lot of fashionability & fame in her continuance.

Every time, she celebrates her birthday. Chaitra Hallikeri’s surname is Chaitra. She has beautiful eyes and an energetic personality. Her exact body size is unknown. However, keep reading this composition until you reach the end, If you want to learn further.

 Chaitra Hallikeri Wiki- Lifestyle- Career

 Early Life- Chaitra said on her social media accounts that she always slices her birthday cutlet on November 2nd. likewise, the specifics of her age remain unknown.

She was most likely born between 1980 and 1983 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Her age range is 38- 41 times old, according to this( till 2021). Her other name is Chythrra Hallikeri, and she goes by that name on all of her social media accounts.

 Professional Career- Chaitra Hallikeri has been affected by acting since she was in abecedarian academy. According to her IMDB runner, she made her amusement debut in 2003 with the film’ Well Done.

With her film’ Khushi,’ she gained notoriety in the film assiduity. In 2004, she was cast as Kaveri in the film Gowdru.’ Gunna and Shishya were two of her former flicks.

 She returned to the tableware screen with the periodical’ Radha Krishna’ after having a long respite from the profession owing to her marriage. She was also fantastic in the’ Kinnari’ periodical. According to rumors, she’s also a patron who has worked on a many programs and flicks.

 Chaitra Hallikeri’s Net Worth

 Chaitra Hallikeri’s net worth is INR 2 Crores approx.

chaitra hallikeri wiki

Chaitra Hallikeri’s Race, Parents Siblings

 As per information, Chaitra Hallikeri’s connubial status is married. Her Father’s name isn’t known her mama’s name is Shashikala Hallikeri. She also has siblings and his name is Nikhila Hallikeri.

 Chaitra Hallikeri Trivia

Chaitra Hallikeri was born in Bengaluru, India.

 Chaitra Hallikeri’s birth sign is Capricorn.

 She made her sanctioned acting debut in 2003 with the film ‘ Well Done ’. Her film credits include ‘ Khushi ’ and ‘ Gowdru ’.

 She returned to the tableware screen with the periodical ‘ Radha Krishna, ’ in which she played a supporting part.

In addition to acting, she has produced many programs and flicks.

 Chaitra is an actress, model, and TV personality who shared in the first season of Bigg Boss Kannada OTT which premiered on August 6, 2022, on the streaming platform Voot.


Chaitra Hallikeri is married to Balaji Pothraj. She got married in the time 2006 and has two children, one son and one son with the relationship.

Still, the relationship got into troubles in recent times and her hubby has filed a divorce case in 2021. Chaitra has indicted her in- laws of torture and also taking loans from her account without her authorization. She’s presently staying down from her hubby and family.

chaitra hallikeri wiki

 Physical Appearance

 Chaitra Hallikeri looks veritably enough indeed at this age. She’s around 40 times and still maintained her body in seductive shape with regular exercise and proper diet.

She stands altitudinous at5.6 bases and weighs around 60 kgs. She has a natural spare outlook and veritably good smile. She has medium length black hair and generally styles it according to the requirements of movie firing.

 Data and Information

 Chaitra Hallikeri is a sports sucker and she also shared in the TCS 10K marathon in recent times. She goes to the spa daily and also enjoys jogging with her kiddies. She’s also expert in Yoga and other forms of exercise.

She had to vend numerous of her means in recent times due to connubial problems. Her hubby’s family members had misused her bank account to take numerous loans and Chaitra got into trouble because of similar issues.

 Chaitra vended a play academy that she had started in Bangalore in 2021. She started her own makeup plant and is presently taking bookings for big events. She’s popular among notorieties and has a good customer base in the film assiduity.

 Indeed though Chaitra had a small career of only many times in the film assiduity, she was suitable to earn a good name due to her fascinating aesthetics .

She was also praised for her cute performance in the pictures and has numerous suckers. She made her debut in the time 2003 and stopped working in the film assiduity after 2006 when she decided to get wedded to a businessman from Bangalore.

chaitra hallikeri wiki


 Chaitra Hallikeri is a popular model, actress, and businesswoman from Karnataka. She has acted in many pictures in the Kannada film assiduity. piecemeal from that, she has also worked as a model and owns numerous businesses in Bangalore.

She’s right now sharing in Bigg Boss show in 2022. The Kannada reality show is vented on Voot app and the OTT show has given her good hype for her comeback into entertainment assiduity.

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