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Centauro Is a Famous Netflix Film That Viewers Should Watch in 2022

The upcoming action thriller film Centauro is a remake of Yann Gozlan's film Burn Out, which was released in 2017 and directed by Gozlan himself. Centauro is scheduled to be released in 2019. In 2019, Centauro will be made available to the public.

The first movie, which was directed by Gozlan and released in 2017, was a comedy. Gozlan was also the director of the picture. Daniel Calparsoro has been entrusted with the job of directing the production of the revised and updated version of the book.


At the earliest, it is not anticipated that the movie would be made accessible to members of the general public until the year 2022. The production has several well-known performers, such as Alex Monner, Begonia Vargas, Patricia Vico, Carlos Bardem, and Edgar Vittorino, who are featured in the cast production. Other actors who are involved in the production include Patricia Vico, Carlos Bardem, and Edgar Vittorino.

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Plot: Centauro

Rafa, who has always dreamed of being a professional biker, realises that the only option for him to pay off a debt is to sell his services to a criminal organisation. Rafa is forced to compromise his ideal career path to satisfy his financial obligations.

Rafa's dreams of making a living as a professional rider are destroyed when he is compelled to ride in competitions. As a direct result of this, Rafa concludes that he should contribute his services to the organisation in the capacity of a volunteer.

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On the other hand, he is conflicted between the two lives that he is currently leading: during the day, he is a law-abiding citizen, and during the night, he works as a messenger. He is divided between the two lives that he is currently leading. Because of this, he is going through some internal struggles


He is torn in two distinct directions as a result of the two lives that he is currently leading at the same time. This double life will eventually catch up to him and push him to turn to drugs, which will prevent him from achieving his goal of becoming a professional racer and realising his ambition.

This double life will, in the end, drive him to resort to using illegal substances. In the long run, he won't be able to accomplish the things that he has set out to do for himself. After some time, he realises that there is no way out of a life of crime, and with the backing of his best friend, he makes an effort to abandon the drug cartel to begin a new life for himself.


However, he is unsuccessful in his attempt. Despite this, he is not successful in accomplishing the objectives that he has set for himself. However, the authorities track him down and offer him the same employment, but with a legal twist; he takes this offer since he has concluded that his family is the most important thing in his life right now.

Cast: Centauro

The role of Regina is portrayed by Patricia Vico, BeBegoniaargas is playing the part of Natalia, Carlos Bardem is playing the part of Boro, and Édgar Vittorino is portraying the part of Carlos. In addition to David Cruz Barje, Adrián Garn, Sebastián Ciontescu, Pedro Casablanc, and Dollar Semouni.

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Abraham Pérez is portraying the role of Mateo in this production. Cortes is also being portrayed by Abraham Pérez, who is in this production. Patricia Vico portrays the character of Regina, Carlos Bardem takes on the role of Boro, and Édgar Vittorino is in charge of the role.

Netflix Trailer


The movie was made available for instant watching on Netflix the day after it was added to the streaming library on June 15, 2022, making it possible for users to begin watching the movie on that platform immediately.


Raquel Hernández Luján, who works for HobbyConsolas, rated the film as “good” and said that she thought it was “simple and efficient.” She also gave the film a grade of “good.”

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She felt that the film was only about seventy per cent as good as it had the potential to be out of a possible one hundred points. She highlighted the “unstoppable” pace of the narration, the chase sequences, and the ending as some of the best aspects of the film while pointing out “superfluous additions” that detracted from the story as some of the film's most problematic aspects.


Overall the movie is packed with great amount of valuable learning. Also the viewers can be satisfied with the amount of action that they can find in the film.

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