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Medical Conditions Expected in Upcoming Cells At Work Season 2


David Mudd

Cells At Work is a Japanese Manga series. Akane Shimizu is the creator and illustrator of the series. Furthermore, Kodansha USA broadcasts the Japanese series in the United States.

Moreover, the series revolves around the life of human cells. Trillions of anthropomorphic cells do their job to keep the body healthy. Also, the focus is on a rookie red blood cell and a relentless white blood cell.

The red cell gets lost during deliveries more often. Also, the white blood cell whites against any germ that enters the body and try to make it sick. Furthermore, the series has one season to date.

Cells At Work

Release Date And Cast Of Season 2

Season 1 of Cells At Work released on 8th July 2018. On 23rd March 2019, the series producers confirmed season 2. On September 05 of 2020, the special screening of Cells At Work Season 2 Episode 1 was held. These are some events that happened since the conclusion of a magnificent season 1.

The rest of the Cells At Work Season 2 will release in January 2021. For the exact release date, you need to wait a bit. However, as per my expectation, I think the second season will release sometime in the second week of January 2021.

Cells At Work Season 2 will cast Kana Hanazawa will voice red blood cells again. Furthermore, most of the cast remains the same from the previous season. Tomoaki Maeno will voice the white blood cells.

Daisuke Ono will voice the Killer T cell. Erica Mendez will voice Regulatory T cell. Maria Naganawa will voice the Platelets. Moreover, the rest of the cast is available from the previous season’s publishment.

Cells At Work Season 2 Trailer

Cells At work Publisher Kodansha had recently launched a trailer of the upcoming season. Although the trailer is in the Japanese language, you can use English Subtitles to figure out what’s going on in the trailer. Here’s the official trailer –

So, was the trailer? You’ve watched it, what you think of the trailer? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given below.

Expected Plot

Cells At Work

The cellular functioning of the body is the theme of the series and it continues to be the same in season 2 as well as. Furthermore, we will see some new complications in the functioning of red as well as white blood cells.

5 Expected Medical Conditions in Cells At Work Season 2

Arc on Graft vs Host Disease

In this interesting medical condition, a war breaks out between the donated organ & the host cells. As an additional element in the episode, donor cells speak in languages like French or something else. As a viewer, if this happens it would be great for all of us.


Imagine how cool it would be when normal cells are starving. They are starving because of bacteria & neutrons are getting more and more violent.


When I was a child I stepped on a rusty iron & I remember getting tetanus shots because of it. Now, imagine, foreign material is inside the human body. How cells will deal with it? It would be interesting to see what happens next.

Covid-19 Virus

The entire world is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Started out at the beginning of 2020, has infected millions of humans. This episode would be a great way to educate the audience about the virus. Apart from this, everyone in a mask would be a funny sight for the eyes.


Last but not least is Autism. Here, brain differences like autism will be discussed but in a completely up-to-date non-offensive way. For instance, brain cells using different software/operating systems.

This adventurous story of Red Blood Cell in Cells At Works belongs to the Comedy Genre. In this anime show, Red Blood Cell always faces trouble in adjusting with the human body. Every time she comes in contact with the bacteria, she is saved by White Blood Cell. Both the red blood cell & white blood cells are the main protagonists of the show. Hence, follows their adventurous journey.

Cells At Work Season is a super fun anime with an ample amount of cuteness & fairly accurate medical information. Because of the very basic concept of this show, I’ve learned a lot of medical stuff. Being an art student, I never thought I would ever learn about the functions of blood cells, platelets, & bacterium.

Cells At Work has a unique way of explaining complex medical stuff with absolute ease. In simple words, Cells At Work anime is easier to digest for everyone. All in all, Red Blood Cell is quirky and gives a comical touch to a surprisingly bloody show.

As it is a .mainstream comedy show, don’t expect spectacular action scenes. You’ll be highly disappointed. However, there’s one thing for sure, you’ll see a copious amount of actual blood.

Final Verdict

Overall, Cells At Work is a great anime show with never seen before uniqueness. By the end of season 1, you’ll end up learning a lot of medical stuff. Probably more than what you’ve learned in school.

I’m looking forward to watching this Netflix anime Cells At Work season 2. What about you? Aren’t you curious to know what’ll happen in the next season? Let me know your expectation with it in the comments section given below.