Marvel Phase Five

Marvel Phase 5: What Are The Upcoming Projects? Latest News

From time to time, Marvel comes up with different phases consisting of numerous movies to astonish their fans. Recently, Marvel has talked about Marvel...
the first official look of baby driver 2

Baby Driver 2: Plot | Release Date | Cast

Baby Driver is an American crime action film that received attention and acclaim as it offered a rare cocktail of music and thrill. Released...
my days of mercy

Interesting Facts to Know About My Days of Mercy

Are you a fan of love stories? If you are, I recommend you to watch this film. Even though it is based on a lesbian...
the official poster of clifford: the big red dog

Clifford: The Big Red Dog

Nearly about 60 years ago, the Scholastic Book series named “Clifford: The Big Red Dog” debuted. Now, this Book series gets its first live-action...
the official poster of brightburn 2

Brightburn 2: Release Date | Plot | Cast

Brightburn is a superhero horror movie by David Yarovesky.To put it in simple terms, Brightburn is a retake on DC's Superman's origination story. ....
Back to the Future

Back to the Future 4k: Amazing Details That You Shouldn’t Miss:

Back to the Future, a trilogy that hooked the onlookers and even become a significant cultural icon. Recently, Back to the Future 4k is...
the official poster of addams family 2

Addams Family 2: Plot | Release Date | Characters

One of our favorite creepy family is back again. The Addams Family, known for their quirks relating to death and doom is ready to...
Supervolcano Movie

Supervolcano Movie: All The Interesting Details Are Here…..

Found of binging old movies and especially those that have the flavor of disaster? If your answer is a big yes, then you will...
the official poster of kabaneri of iron fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Season 2: Plot | Release Date

Kabaneri of Iron Fortress: Season 2 is one of the best original anime series. It was launched by Wit Studio. Usually, anime series are based...
the official poster of justice league dark: apokolips war

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War: Plot | Release Date | Plot...

Justice League Dark Apokolips War is a 2020 direct-to-video animation movie that once again brings us an ensemble of heroes and draws us right...