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Trump's Ban On Brazil

Trump’s Ban On Brazil

Coronavirus world round-up: Brazil's record fatalities as Donald Trump in a row over face mask  Trump's Decision It's no surprise that Brazil is booming in an...
Hong Kong

Trump’s War Over China’s Move On Hong Kong

US To React Strongly If China Makes Move On Hong Kong: Donald Trump China's Plan China has made up its mind to impose new national security...
US-China Nuclear Pact

US-China Nuclear Pact

Donald Trump wants China to join a nuclear-weapons pact What China Is Upto Since it's first nuclear bomb testing almost 56 years ago, China has never...
Obama's Handling Of Swine Flu

Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Vs Obama’s Handling Of Swine Flu

Trump said Obama administration was handling early days of Swine Flu outbreak 'fine,' cautioned not to overreact Trump's Comment Through The Years Back in 2009, Trump...
Trump China

Trump’s Direct Threat To Xi Jinping Of China

Trump launches direct attack on China’s Xi Jinping as fight over virus gets ugly Trump's Rule I'm sure you already know that there's brewing rivalry between...
Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Talks Penguin’s Look In The Batman

Although The Batman has currently shut production as a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic; that hasn't stopped its cast from dropping some cool...
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Morbidly Obese

Nancy Pelosi fears for 'morbidly obese' Trump after hydroxychloroquine admission Nancy's Comments Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, set an alarming gesture...
Trump's War With Obama

Trump’s War With Obama- A Strategy?

Trump's risky new re-election strategy: Waging war with Obama Word War A war of words is raging between President Trump and former President Obama. Obama's comment 'an...
Medical Journal Trump

Medical Journal Pleads Americans To Not Re-Elect Trump

Medical Journal Urges American Voters to Not Re-Elect Trump, Slams Him for Coronavirus Response The Journal Speaks If the entire pandemic wasn't a crazy shot to...

Reason Behind Linick’s Dismissal

Mike Pompeo recommended Trump firing of State Department inspector general, White House says Inspector Fired I'm sure most of you are thorough with the news of...