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Catastrophe Season 5 : Plot | Storyline | Release date

The lives today have been full of stress and anxiety. With the days passing in nothingness, people are relying more and more on good TV and web series that actually help you get good easy laughs and help that dopamine run free through your bloodstream. So, one of the best series to rely on is Catastrophe season 5.

With various streaming platforms taking up evergreen sitcoms from television so that people from all over the world could enjoy them through the globalization of entertainment realized only recently after true sense.

Well, situational comedies have their own natural way of sliding in the hearts of the viewers. One of those situational comedies is ‘ Catastrophe’. It’s really a difficult task to imagine comedy linked to that word and honestly, that is the beauty of that show.

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About Catastrophe Season 5

The mesmerising comedy-drama Catastrophe aired first on January 19, 2015. Channel 4 broadcasted the British dramedy series written by its lead star pair, Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. Interestingly, the show was earlier struck down by The BBC after the script was presented to them.

The show addresses so many catastrophic or otherwise grave things in a fun way, that produce laughter. Marriage, love, pregnancy, grave diseases, loneliness, companionship, trust, and hookup culture along with tumultuous relationships have been well dealt with within the show.

It is one of those romantic comedies that seem extremely realistic and doesn’t develop unnaturally into a cliché head over the heels love story. It takes its time to develop things (which is not the case with the life of the characters) and presents the limitations of each character very well, thus giving enough breathing space to the audience.

Critical acclaim for Catastrophe

a scene from catastrophe
A scene from Catastrophe showcasing Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney

Catastrophe is an extremely famous sitcom that ran for 4 seasons and received 21 nominations for various awards and successfully won 11, which interestingly include Primetime Emmy along with Peabody awards. Even the writer and female protagonist Sharon Horgan of the show won the BAFTA award for Best Female Comedy Performance for her work in the show.

With an excellent 8.2 on 10 ratings from the review platform and 98% rating on rotten tomato, the show has justified the profoundly with the extremely likeable characters that bind the audience with their wonderful chemistry and the element of reality.

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The plot of Catastrophe Season 5

the cast of catastrophe
The cast of Catastrophe – A still from the series

The plot of this series might appear pretty simple and generic, but that’s the beauty. Despite sounding common, it’s so different from other similar. The story is about Sharon, a teacher at an Irish primary in London. One fine day, she happens to bump into Rob at a bar, who works as an advertising executive in American. Rob was in the city on a business tour. Both Sharon and Rob are single. They hook up for the next 6 days before Rob returns to his home in Boston.

Following these events, Sharon discovers that she's pregnant with Rob’s child. On gaining this knowledge, Rob immediately goes to London and both he and Sharon, two people who know close to nothing about each other, affirm their as a couple because of the impending child. Eventually, they get married, and soon after they welcome their son. They also have had a daughter later on in life.

Throughout the process, they deal with unstable relationships, insecurities, parenthood, cultural clashes, and home-sickness, job along with eccentric friends and families, as they figure out stuff that they never imagined they would have to deal with. The show unravels their adventures and how they fall in love despite all the unlikeable circumstances and factors regarding the people and their differences.

With season 4 ending with a pregnant Sharon with their 3rd child and Rob swimming towards dangerous waters, while the other 2 kids sleep in the car, one can definitely root for a good explanatory ending through the plot of Catastrophe season 5.

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The Cast of Catastrophe Season 5

a still from the show Catastrophe
A still from the show Catastrophe starring the main lead actors

The series is helmed by several characters that make you fall in love with them. You would actually start rooting for the amazing protagonists played expertly by Irish actor and writer Sharon Horgan as secondary school teacher Sharon Morris. Rob Delaney originally a stand-up comedian and American actor play the male protagonist Rob Norris.

Talking about the supporting roles, the chatty frenemy of Sharon, Fran is portrayed by Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen). Mark Bonnar perfectly enlivens the cynical, Fran’s detached husband. The late legend Carrie Fisher plays Rob’s over-the-top mom Mia. Another Irish actor Jonathan Forbes plays Fergal, Sharon's brother while Australian actor Daniel Lapaine wears the shoes of Rob's drug-addled, philandering friend Dave.

The cast has been recurring and some new characters have been introduced over the past seasons and it would be interesting to watch what fresh characters could be roped in for Catastrophe season 5 cast.

Release of Catastrophe Season 5

Now after the show pulled off one of the rudest, beautiful yet ambiguous end to go down in the history of television shows, the fans couldn’t help but anticipate the release of Catastrophe season 5.

Well for all those hopeful bees, it’s sad to break the news that Catastrophe season 5 might never happen and the makers have confirmed that themselves.

Catastrophe season 4 aired on 14 March 2018. Prior to the season’s release, the sitcom's official Twitter account affirmed this season would be the ultimate showdown.

Despite ‘Catastrophe' season 5 being cancelled officially, the programme can make a potential comeback as the creators admitted to considering the prospect of Sharon and Rob in their later years while the narration takes a different course.

Well, that’s a thin possibility and nothing’s written on stone as of now.


If you are looking for a binge-worthy watch, ‘Catastrophe’ is the perfect watch to drive away those blues. Though Catastrophe season 5 may never come back, if you love an ambiguous end and want to see things positively or negatively, the choice and perspective is yours. After all, no other catastrophe allows you to make choices, but this does. So go and grab on the feisty watch and have some side cramps when things seem catastrophic in your own life.

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