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Despite our strong desire to do so, we have not been able to catch up on the episodes of Casualty that have shown on BBC One in recent weeks.

But what brought it down from the sky in the first place, and when can we anticipate seeing it again after it has been returned to the atmosphere? Discover everything you need to know with the help of our detailed guide located here:

When Will the Next Episode of Casualty Be Available to Watch

Those viewers who have been feeling deprived of their regularly scheduled helping of ED drama once a week will be relieved to discover that the show will soon be back to the screens of their televisions.

The television show Casualty has been off the air for the past month, but it will make its reappearance on Saturday, August 13 at 8:35 p.m. with the episode that will be the series’ final one. This will be the show’s final episode.

Casualty Spoilers

Following that, Series 37 will pick up exactly where it left off the very next week, on Saturday, August 20, following the exact same pattern as in previous years.

The Question Is: Why Hasn’t the Show Casualty Been on the Air

Casualty, along with a number of other programmes, has been affected by the ongoing scheduling adjustments that have been taking place throughout the course of the summer due to the fact that the BBC has been airing a number of other sporting events instead. These adjustments have been brought about because the BBC is airing a number of other sporting events instead.

The ninth of July marked the broadcast of the show’s final episode, which was given the title “Casualty.” However, the show had been experiencing serious scheduling difficulties for a considerable amount of time prior to that point.

Since May, the BBC medical drama has only had occasional airings, and it will continue to only run episodes here and there during the month of June, in addition to airing two double episodes. This was done to ensure that fans would still receive the same number of episodes over the course of the show’s run, which was especially important given how close the series finale was getting to being aired. This was done to ensure that fans would still receive the same number of episodes over the course of the show’s run.

It Was In June That The Show Ran Behind Schedule

Back in June, when the show was forced to pull a high-stakes episode at the last minute, the linear episode sequence for Casualty was also thrown off. This caused the show to run behind schedule. Because of this, the order ended up being completely thrown off.

Casualty Spoilers

The unfortunate shooting that took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, just a few days before the scheduled airing of an 80-minute special titled “Wednesday’s Child” and centred on Ollie Hide’s story caused the show to be temporarily cancelled. The shooting took place days before the scheduled airing of the special.

On the evening of June 11, in place of the edition that was scheduled to air, a different programme with the title “By Any Means” focused on the story of Paige and Rash. The broadcast of the episode that was scheduled to take place ended up taking place a week later, on June 18.

Warning: The Contains Spoilers for the Show Casualty

The plotline of Paige’s character will be explored when the show returns the following week on Casualty. Paige is currently waiting nervously for the results of her BRCA gene test.

It is well knowledge among the public that Paige’s mother passed away earlier this year as a result of breast cancer. There is a possibility that Paige inherited the gene that was present in her mother, which would put her at a greater risk of getting the condition. If this were the case, the condition would have been passed on to Paige.

Rash does everything in his power to be there for his love Paige on the day that she gets her results; yet, it is uncertain whether or not she will accept his support.

It Is Then That An Important Decision Needs To Be Taken

In the meantime, Sah is placed in a precarious situation about their father, and she will need to make a choice about it.

After Sah finds out that her father has repaired his connection with Sah’s mother, she has a terrible time being around her siblings. Eventually, Sah arrives at the realisation that she and her siblings need to make some big adjustments in order to ensure a bright future for themselves.

Casualty Spoilers

Come back to this website on the 6th of August for a detailed spoiler overview of the episode that will be broadcast the following week.

On Saturday evenings, Casualty is shown on BBC One, and it is also available to watch online on the BBC iPlayer.