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Casualty Show Is Setting Up A Horror Ordeal For Noel Garcia

The  British medical drama series Casualty Show which is prolonging for years gained many praises from audience. The show is telecasting on BBC One on weekly basis.

This time, the show is attaining on twisting section over Noel Garica.

What's in the upcoming episode?

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Dr Joe's Originality Reveals: 

Well, receptionist Noel will meet a patient named Bluebell who had hand injury. She approached for medicine therapy, with her mother Sandi. In the meanwhile Sandi will leave to meet the therapist Dr Joe.

But, Bluebell disagrees to have treatment without her mother. Bluebell is in worry about the treatment of her mother from Dr Joe.


She soon after burst out in anger by breaking the glass at the reception after she have look on the Dr Joe.

Noel consoles her, and ask her the reason, then Bluebell reveals the truth of the Dr Joe, who has been abusing her sexually in the name of treatment.

She want her mother to open her eyes and see the reality. Since ever Dr Joe is giving Sandi a drug medicine which makes her unconsciousness. In the time of Sandi unconsciousness, Dr Joe take it as advantage to hurt Bluebell.

The episode is taking the different plot and going to have a different twists.

This time Bluebell is out with lots of courage to reveal the truth. Maybe we can have more twists than we expected.

Sandi may freak by the Bluebell's reaction, there is doubt whether they will believe to Bluebell or not.

The show is so long with nearly 35 season, and with 1,171 episodes. The show is directed by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwim.

The show plots the scenario in Holby City Hospital doctors, patients, and including staff. Usually the show longs for 50 minutes on weekends. But we can have 60 minutes on special days.


Ever since the release of the series, the show gained huge popularity from all over the world and entire United Kingdom.

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