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Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night – A Surprise Launch For Mobile Devices


David Mudd

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Symphony of the night is a horizontally-scrolling game like Mario. Alucard is the protagonist. Alucard must collect various items to win in each stage. He must gain abilities like to transform into a wolf, bat, and mist. He must complete stage one to unlock stage two.

Alucard’s vitality line indicates his strengths, resistance, and abilities. It shows how much more injury he can handle. As he gains experience his experience points will increase. By defeating each monster he can cross different levels. With his increased abilities he will be able to conjure 8 different spells.

He will acquire the ability to call for familiars. Familiars are spiritual entities that will assist or help witches in casting spells and providing strength. After playing each level Alucard can have access to the entire castle.

Alucard must gain enough strength and abilities to defeat Dracula at the end. According to Metacritic, 93% of Playstation users and 89% of X360 users loved this game. It got a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on google play store.


  1. Alucard: He is the son of Dracula and a human woman named Lisa. He stood against the beliefs of his father. He has excellent skills like wielding a sword single-handedly, turning into a bat or mist and many more. His name is the reverse of his father’s name denoting that his beliefs are opposite to those of this father.
  2. Richter Belmont: He is a famous vampire hunter. He is controlled by the shaft.
  3. Maria Renard: Vampire Huntress. Maria helps Alucard to break the spell of the shaft on Richter Belmont.

Symphony Of The Night For Mobiles

If you are an iOS or Android then here is the good news. You can now play your favorite game on your mobile. Better use gamepad, than a touch screen. Maybe you have to pay a little amount of $3 but the game is worth it. There are no language barriers when it comes to Castlevania. Be it Spanish or Italian, French or German, because now Castlevania is available in 6 different languages.

As we all know Netflix adopted the same concept and started a series in the name Castlevania. Its third season is released on 5th march coinciding with the mobile launch of Castlevania Symphony of the night.