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Castlevania Season 5: Is Anime Not Coming to Netflix for New season?

castlevania season 5

What is the status of Castlevania season 5? Is it happening for the new season or not? There are many questions which are wandering in the minds of the fans about the new season. Is Catlevania cancelled after season 4?

Do the producers of the animated series have other plans or are they working on its spin-off? Let’s know more about Castlevania season 5.

Firstly, Castlevania was the first original animated series on Netflix and it was released back in 2017 for the first time and released its four seasons back to back. But what about its season 5, is it coming or not? When the series came for the first time it made lots of fans and critics gave positive reviews.

Then in 2018, Castlevania animated series received IGN Award for Best Animated Tv Series and on Rotten Tomatoes the second season got 100% score.

Now, after being well received by critics and users for 4 seasons why Netflix cancelled the series after the 4th season.

Yes, you heard right that the anime came to end after the fourth season and there is no 5th season of Castlevania and fans are shocked why the Castlevania season is not returning and why they cancelled the series for the new season.

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Castlevania Season 5: Release Date

Unfortunately there is no season 5 of Castlevania and not returned after the fourth and the last season. Last year Castlevania Universe announced the renewal of the fourth season which came this year and third season on Netflix last year.

Just after one month of the renewal of the fourth season it was reported side by side that it was the final and the last season which means that there will be no further seasons after ending of season 4.

If you have watched the series then you know that season 4 ends with a loving and fetching plot.

The actual reason behind the cancellation of Castlevania is not cleared as even Netflix cancelled the show without giving any reasons and also viewing figures are kept secret by the stream but no one knows the exact reason behind its cancellation as it may be decline in viewership or the producers don’t want to continue the story for the new season or it may in the plans which are taken before the starting of the series.

We are thankful to the series that it didn’t lose many cliffhangers and managed to end the last season properly and with a natural and clear conclusion, so that chances for the new seasons are less or none.

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Castlevania Series: Spin-off

Back in April 2021 it was reported that they were working on the spin-off set in the universe of Castlevania and they will take new cast and characters and this new series will focus on the son of Sypha and Trevor and starred by Richter Belmont and Maria Renard and is shown at the time of French Revolution.

It means there is enough material to make other series of the same Castlevania Universe.

Back in 2018, ‘Devil May Cry’ Japanese video game series rights were acquired by Adi Shankar to make an animated series based on it and told to IGN that it “Will join Castlevania in what we’re now calling the bootleg multiverse.”

Now, recently in october 2021 after the gap of 3 years they updated that script of the series based on the Devil May Cry game complete and he told Comicbook that “All the season one scripts are done”.

“I collaborated with a very talented writer named Alex Larson on the scripts. The scripts are read and I wanted to execute them in a manner that would make my fellow DMC fans proud. Again, this was developed by a DMC fan for DMC fans, that was the ethos of this project. Production should start at the beginning of next year.”

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It is clear that Castlevania Season 5 is not happening as season 4 is the last and the final season of the Castlevania universe and now they are working on a new series which will focus on the other characters of Castlevania by taking up other cast of characters completely.

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