Cast the Waterboy: Who is Who in This Hilarious Sports Comic Film?


Aditi Deshinge

The Waterboy is an American sports comedy movie which was released in 1998. The movie was directed by Frank Coraci and it was penned by Adam Sandler along with Tim Herlihy. In this article we are going to reveal cast the waterboy. So read out this entire article and get to know more for the same.

The Waterboy movie was produced by Robert Simonds and Jack Giarraputo.

The movie was extremely profitable and grossed around $39.4 million in its opening weekend alone in the United States whereas it has earned around $186 million throughout the world.

Let’s have a look at the Waterboy cast and characters they played in movie here.

Cast the Waterboy

The film revolves around a 31 year old water boy of a college football team who accidentally found that he is good at sports and eventually becomes the member of the actual team rather than just being labelled as a waterboy.

The movie was a success and went on to earn about $40 million in just its opening weekend and it is truly a block buster movie of that time.

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What is Cast The Waterboy?

Check out the list of Cast The Waterboy below and also get to know characters played by them in this movie –

Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher Jr. –

In Waterboy, Adam Sandler portrayed the lead role of Bobby Boucher Jr. Who is a 31 years old waterboy for a college football team. He is constantly bullied by the team players as he is single at 31 and lives with his mother.

Kathy Bates as Helen Boucher –

Kathy Bates played the role of Bobby’s Mother, Helen who shares a house with her son after her husband died of dehydration in the Sahara desert during the war. She is against the idea of her son playing football.

Henry Winkler as Coach Klein –

Henry Winkler played the role of Coach Klein who coaches the college football team. He is the person who convinces college team to take Bobby as a member of the football team.

Fairuza Balk as Vicki Vallencourt –

Vicki is Bobby’s childhood crush who is a multiple time criminal offender and has been to jail for several times. Fairuza greatly played the role of a criminal offender Vicki in The Wateboy movie.

Jerry Reed as Coach Red Beaulieu –

Jerry Reed has portrayed the role of head coach of the football team, Coach Red Beaulieu. He is the one who fires Bobby from his job as a waterboy that he had been doing since 18 years because he was unable to digest the fact that a former waterboy can play football really good.

Which Are Adam Sandler’s Famous Movies?

Adam Sandler is popular for playing comedy roles in American movies as well as series. After being a cast member at Saturday Night Live for 5 years, he eventually went on to act in films. Sandler has played comedy roles in movies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, 50 First Dates, Grown Ups 2, and Just Go With It.

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Trailer –

Check out the trailer of The Waterboy movie in given below video. By watching this video you will get a clear idea regarding this movie and so it will become easy for you to decide whether to watch this movie or not.

What is the List of Cast the Waterboy?

Check out the entire list of Cast The Waterboy below along with their characters –

  • Adam Sandleras Bobby Boucher, Jr.
  • Kathy Batesas Helen “Mama” Boucher
  • Henry Winkleras Coach Klein
  • Fairuza Balkas Vicki Vallencourt
  • Jerry Reed as Coach Red Beaulieu
  • Peter Dante as Gee Grenouille
  • Larry Gilliard Jr. as Derek Wallace
  • Blake Clark as Farmer Fran, whose heavy, thick Cajun accent no one seems to understand. He would later reprise this role in a cameo appearance in the 2001 film Joe dirt.
  • Jonathan Loughran as Lyle Robideaux
  • Clint Howard as Paco
  • Allen Covert as Walter
  • Rob Schneider as The Townie;
  • Kevin Farley as Jim Simonds
  • Robert Kokol as The Professor
  • Frank Coraci as Robert “Roberto” Boucher, Sr.
  • Paul Wight as Captain Insano
  • Soon Hee Newbold as Mud Dog Cheerleader
  • Dan Fouts as ABC Sports announcer
  • Brent Musburger as ABC Sports announcer
  • Lynn Swann as ABC Sports announcer
  • Chris Fowler as ESPN announcer
  • Lee Corso as ESPN announcer
  • Trevor Miller as himself
  • Moosie The Cocker Spaniel as herself
  • Dan Patrick as ESPN SportsCenter anchor
  • Lawrence Taylor as LT’s Louisiana Lightning Training Football Camp instructor
  • Bill Cowher as Pittsburgh Steelers head coach
  • Jimmy Johnson as Miami Dolphins head coach
  • Jennifer Bini Taylor as Rita

What Are the Reviews for the Waterboy Movie?

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes has given the rating 33% to the movie which is based on 75 reviews with as average rating of 4.5 out of 10. The site states that –

The Waterboy is an insult to its genre with low humor and cheap gags.”

Cast the Waterboy

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Roger Ebert  gave the movie a negative review, by giving a statement as –

“Sandler is making a tactical error when he creates a character whose manner and voice has the effect of fingernails on a blackboard, and then expects us to hang in there for a whole movie.”

He also included The Waterboy movie in his most hated list.

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