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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law! Its Cast And Characters! 



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The Cast And Characters Of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, played by Tatiana Maslany: Cast of She-Hulk

A lawyer for the firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway (GLK&H) who specializes in cases involving superhumans. When her blood accidentally mixes with her cousin Bruce Banner’s blood, she turns into a big, strong, green version of herself who is similar to her cousin. Maslany said that the character is “the opposite of most superhero stories” because Walters doesn’t want the girl to use her powers. She went on to say that Walters has a “great element of denial that is relatable,” and that Maslany tried to fight the changes in the character for as long as she could to make Walters and her She-relationship with Hulk “fun.”

Sophie’s music, a mix of “organic and electrical, industrial-sounding sounds,” influenced Maslany. She liked the idea of a “woman occupying two bodies,” since modern culture is obsessed with women’s bodies. She thought the series’ commentary was “very prescient” and “full of interesting nuance.” Maslany used the Seinfeld character Elaine Benes as a “touchstone.”

Head writer Jessica Gao wanted to make a character with a “well-rounded life” who has to deal with getting superpowers out of the blue, so she could see how she feels and thinks about it. She-stand-in Hulk’s and body double on set was Maliah Arrayah, who is 6 feet 7 inches tall (2.01 metres). Director Kat Coiro and Maslany were able to find out how Arrayah “moved through the world” at her peak and what problems she had to deal with. Devon Lewis was another person who played She-Hulk. She was the Savage She-Hulk in the opening scene of the finale.

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Mary MacPherran and Titania, played by Jameela Jamil: Cast of She-Hulk

A very strong social media influencer who is obsessed with She-Hulk and ends up becoming her rival. Gao wanted to make the character more modern and give her “a little more complexity” by making her interested in social media and making sure she kept up her brand. Jamil said that the character was annoying and weird, and that she “almost doesn’t need to use her strength; she could just annoy you to death.” She also said that the character is “all narcissism and ego” and thinks she is the strongest woman in the world.

Titania holds a grudge against She-Hulk because she made her look bad in public. The accent Jamil uses for Titania was called a “very influential [Los Angeles] accent,” which the actress thought added a “flair of ridiculousness” to a character that was already “cartoony.” Even though the character’s backstory isn’t in She-Hulk, Jamil looked to the comics for inspiration, especially for Titania’s feelings of insecurity.

Titania doesn’t show up much in the early episodes of the show because the writers “wanted to seed her in there” as a way to “preserve” from the comics how she is “this gnat that was always buzzing around She-Hulk” to take her down instead of trying to destroy her outright. This also gave the audience a chance to “really get to know” the other characters before she comes back. For the role, Jamil learned jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and kung fu.

Ginger Gonzaga as Nikki Ramos: Cast of She-Hulk

A paralegal and Walters’s best friend. Nikki informs Walters that She-Hulk may be “embraced” and “part of her identity” Nikki has a “sardonic mentality” and doesn’t want to be an attorney because she likes breaking boundaries, according to Gonzaga.

She thought Nikki was bisexual, which means the character is gay. Gonzaga said that Nikki would “love anyone,” that she had a “secret crush” on Mallory Book, and that she lived “a very free life.” After Gonzaga was chosen for the part, it was changed to fit her personality.

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Bruce Banner/Smart Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo: Cast of She-Hulk

He is an Avenger, a genius scientist, and Walters’ cousin. Because he has been exposed to gamma radiation, he usually turns into a monster when angry or upset. However, he has been able to balance his two sides through gamma experiments, which have given him the Hulk’s strength and size. Banner, who lives off the grid in Mexico, decides to train Walters to become a superhero.

At first, he thinks that Walters’ experience will be the same as his, but in the end, he realises that Walters’ experience is different “physically, literally, and mentally” because men and women have lived in the world in different ways. Coiro liked seeing Banner “get completely thrown off his game” when he taught Walters and realised she could also teach him. Ruffalo added that Banner is happy to have someone else who understands what it’s like to be a Hulk.

Josh Segarra as Augustus “Pug” Pugliese: Cast of She-Hulk

Walters and Nikki both work at GLK&H, and one of the lawyers there works with them. Segarra said that Pugliese cares about his coworkers because they “make him part of their family.” He also helps Walters whether she is She-Hulk or not.

Morris Walters, played by Mark Linn-Baker: Cast of She-Hulk

Walter’s dad. Walters’ mother, Elaine Walters, is played by Tess Malis Kincaid.

Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky / Abomination: Cast of She-Hulk

A former officer in the Royal Marines of the United Kingdom who was born in Russia and used a modified version of the super soldier serum and gamma radiation to turn into a monster that looked like the Hulk. He is one of Walters’ clients, and after he reforms, he buys the health retreat Summer Twilights.

Coiro described Blonsky as a “very tricky character—not he’s necessarily to be trusted and you get the feeling that he’s a con artist”. Roth’s first time playing the character was in The Incredible Hulk (2008), when the character went in “a very different direction.” Because of this, he didn’t play the role again, but instead found a new version of the character to “play around in.” Roth liked that he could improvise with the character and find out if he was telling the truth and if he had really changed.

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Megan thee horse: Cast of She-Hulk

She is a made-up version of herself who hires Walters as a client. Stallion also shows up as Runa acting like her.

Benedict Wong as Wong: Cast of She-Hulk

As part of his training, the Sorcerer Supreme used to fight in a cage-fighting tournament with Blonsky. Gao liked how, in the series, Wong was “fun and part of a silly thing where the universe isn’t at stake,” which was different from his previous roles, where he was more dramatic.

Mallory is played by Renée Elise Goldsberry Book: Cast of She-Hulk

Walters taking over as head of the superhuman law division at GLK&H puts a lawyer there in danger. Goldsberry said that Book feels a lot of pressure to be perfect, and that at first, she saw Walters as a threat. Now that she knows Walters is a good person, though, Book sees “some value” in being friends with her.

Jon Bass in the role of Todd Phelps/HulkKing: Cast of She-Hulk

A rich man who doesn’t like women and goes on a date with Walters. He’s also “HulkKing,” the creator of Intelligencia, a She-Hulk hate forum. Phelps wants to be Tony Stark but “comes off as Jon Bass,” said Bass. He also added Phelps is a “creep who pops up everywhere” Wendy Jacobson, co-executive producer, said the character reflected misogyny, cancel culture, and “biassed perceptions of women.” Bass didn’t need to do any research to play Phelps because he’s “part of our society.” He also showed a video of how Phelps changes into the Hulk.

Rhys Coiro as Donny Blaze: Cast of She-Hulk

A magician who works at Mystic Castle and used to study the Mystic Arts. Criss Angel and David Blaine were “the prototypes” that Coiro used to make the character, he said.

Griffin Matthews, playing Luke Jacobson: Cast of She-Hulk

A costume designer who specializes in superhero outfits made Walters a new wardrobe for when she changes into and out of She-Hulk.

Patti Harrison as Lulu: Cast of She-Hulk

Walters’ high school friend asks her to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding.

Holden Holliway, as played by Steve Coulter: Cast of She-Hulk

A partner at GLK&H who also manages Walters.

cast of she hulk

Charlie Cox as Daredevil/Matt Murdock: Cast of She-Hulk

A blind lawyer from New York’s Hell’s Kitchen also works as a masked vigilante. Maslany said that Walters and Murdock are best friends, and Coiro said that they “match each other’s wits.” Gao said that they are both lawyers who are also superheroes, which is something they have in common. The writers at first thought they wouldn’t be able to use the character in the show, but they were later told the studio could.

Cox returned to the role from Marvel Television’s Netflix series after making a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). By adding Murdock to the show, the writers could show a “lighter side” of the character, which was different from the comics. However, they stayed true to the character as he is in the comics.

Brandon Stanley as Eugene Patilio in Leap-Frog: (Cast of She-Hulk)

The son of a wealthy GLK&H client who dresses up as a frog to fight crime.

Drew Matthews as Dennis Bukowski:

A lawyer who used to work with Walters at the office of the District Attorney for Los Angeles County.

Nicholas Cirillo plays Ched, Walters’ cousin. Peg O’Keef plays Runa, a shape-shifting Light Elf from New Asgard who tricked Bukowski by pretending to be Megan Thee Stallion. Patty Guggenheim plays Madisynn King, a drunken victim of Blaze’s magic who becomes Wong’s friend. Leon Lamar plays Cornelius P. Willows, Blaze’s sidekick. David Otung Brian T. Delaney gives K.E.V.I.N.’s (Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus) uncredited voice. K.E.V.I.N. is an artificial intelligence that makes story decisions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is a reference to Kevin Feige, who is the president of Marvel Studios. Feige was asked to give K.E.V.I.N. a voice, but he said no. Gao and two other writers for the show, Zeb Wells and Cody Zigler, make cameos in this season.

The series introduces comic characters like the Wrecking Crew, a four-person criminal group whose members use stolen, improved Asgardian construction tools as weapons; David Pasquesi as Craig Hollis/Mr. Immortal, a superhuman who can’t die and comes to GLK&H to help him settle the divorces of his many wives; and Nick Gomez as Wrecker. Joseph Castillo-Midyett plays El guila, a self-described swashbuckler who can fire electrical blasts through objects. Jordan portrays the vampire Saracen. Aaron Ford plays Porcupine, who wears a porcupine costume, while Wil Deusner motion captures Skaar.

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