Cast of Not Another Teenage Movie, Review and Much More


Aditi Narendra

At John Hughes High School, the scholars are the same as just about every other teenager in a teen movie. The popular jock, Jake, takes a bet from Austin, the brassy golden gentleman, that he can transfigure Janey, the suitable unattractive girl, into the hop queen before the hop. But two people are trying to stop Jake from succeeding in his evil family, Catherine, the cruelest girl in the academy, and Priscilla, the spiteful cheerleader.

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And all of their musketeers are the same as in any other teen movie Areola, the naked foreign exchange pupil, Les, the beautiful codger, Malik, the token black joe, the hopeless recruits, Amanda Becker, the perfect girl, Ricky, Janey’s hung up stylish friend, and Sadie, the veritably old undercover journalist.

Chris Evans played Jake Wyler

Jake had his own designated parking spot in the academy lot and his name was a play on Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Zack Siler from” She’s All That.” Like Zack, Jake made a bet that he could turn the most” hopeless” girl at the academy into a hop queen. Naturally, he culminated as hop king at the event. Many times after” NATM” was released, Evans made his debut as superhero Johnny Storm/ Human Torch in the big screen ballot” Fantastic Four.” He portrayed the flaming hothead character in two flicks released in 2005 and 2007.

Cast of Not Another Teenage Movie

Evans also starred in two pictures with Scarlett Johansson, long before they came to Marvel costars. They played teenagers trying to steal answers to the SATs in 2004’s” The Perfect Score” and portrayed love interests in 2007’s” The nurse Journal.”

Chyler Leigh portrayed Janey Briggs

The character was a parody of Laney Boggs from” She’s All That,” who also sported overalls, wore spectacles, and had a cultural side.
After starring in” NATM,” Leigh landed places on shows like” Girls Club,” ” The Practice,” and” Reunion.” She joined ABC’s” Grey’s deconstruction” during season three as Lexie Gray, the youngish half-stock of Meredith Grey.

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She played the character until season eight and many times latterly landed the part of Kara Danvers’s( Melissa Benoist) aged consanguineous family, Alex Danvers on” Supergirl.” The CW series lately completed its fifth season and has another season on the way.

Jaime Pressly played Head Cheerleader

She broke up with Jake at the launch of the movie and, in typical mean girl fashion, threw a drink at Janey while at a house party. Pressly has starred in a variety of pictures and television shows over the times. She’s guest-starred on shows like” The Twilight Zone” and” Cortege” and appeared in pictures like” I Love You, Man” and” Bad Girls.” Her part as Joy Turner in” My Name is Earl” earned her a Primetime Emmy in 2007 and a Golden Globe nomination.

Eric Christian Olsen starred as Austin

Jake was misled into confessing that he only became friends with Janey as a result of their bet. Olsen went on to star in pictures like” The Hot Chick,”” Dumb and Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd,” and” License toWed.” He also teamed up with Evans again for the 2004 suspenser” Cellular” with Jason Statham and Kim Basinger.

Janey’s stylish friend, Ricky Lipman, was played by Eric Jungmann

He was” madly in love” with Janey and recited a lyric about her during English class, but the passions were not mutual. Jungmann, who appeared in the 1999 movie” Varsity Blues,” starred in lower flicks like” Of Fortune and Gold” and” Shotgun.” He also guest-starred on” Veronica Mars,” True Blood,” ” CSI Miami,” and” Felonious Minds.”

Mia Kirshner portrayed Catherine Wyler

She gave Janey a makeover by removing her spectacles and letting her hair down from its ponytail. She portrayed Bethany Slade, who was grounded on Loughlin.

Cast of Not Another Teenage Movie


Additionally, Kirshner had appearances in 24 and The L Word. In 2006’s “The Black Dhalia,” she portrayed the late actress Elizabeth Short, and in “The Vampire Journals,” she portrayed Elena Gilbert’s biological mother, Isobel Flemming. Deon Richmond played Malik
Richmond, who rose to fame as Kenny on” The Cosby Show” and Jordan Bennett on” Family, Family,” appeared in many flicks after” NATM.” This includes” The Blues” and” FDR American Badass!” He also starred on the show” preceptors” and guest-starred on the series homestretch of USA’s” Psych.”

Another Teenage Movie Review

It was good to see friendly faces from old pictures, like Molly Ringwald, who offers some hard-mastered advice, and John Vernon, who engages in some nearly hallucinatory dialogue with a pupil in detention class. But it wasn’t good to see yet still further dismal excess in the jokes about characters being scattered with vast amounts of dirt. The movie doesn’t deduce that all fart jokes hang on the environment to be funny. And the opening aftermath involving a vibrator is just straight disturbing.

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I’ve then a sincere communication from an anthology who urges me not to be so hard on stupid flicks because they’re” plenitude smart enough for the average moviegoer.” Yes, but one hopes being an intermediate moviegoer isn’t the end of the road that bone starts as a below-average filmgoer, passes through average, and, guided by the labors of America’s hard-working film critics, arrives in triumph at over-average.