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Jordan Peele‘s next film, Nope, is almost here. Nearly a year after the film’s declaration, we have a cast list, a title, and, surprisingly, the first trailer, however do we really understand what’s going on with this film yet? Nope!

The Key and Peele entertainer has in short order became well known as quite possibly of the boldest producer in Hollywood following his directorial debut, Get Out, in 2017.

In case you somehow missed the Oscar-winning blood and gore movie — Peele took home the Foundation Grant for best unique screenplay — Get Out follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) on his first excursion to meet the parents of his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams). Be that as it may, the end of the week trip rapidly shifts from unremarkable to startling when… indeed, we won’t spoil it for you.

Peele’s 2019 sophomore endeavor, Us, was loaded up with the same degree of detail and symbolism that makes his work so special, yet create isn’t all he’s known for.

With Us, Peele impressed be a master of suspense off the page as well, figuring out how to disseminate the smallest, most thrilling bits of data about the film without offering anything before its debut.

cast of nope

Nope Cast

Peele has lined up extraordinary casts to deal with his previous two movies and Nope looks to be the same, especially as it will serve as a gathering between the director and his Get Out star.

Daniel Kaluuya, who played the lead job of Chris in Get Out, is set to star in Nope. In this film, Kaluuya plays OJ Haywood, who runs the horse farm at the focal point of the film with his sister.

Keke Palmer is playing said sister, Emerald Haywood. Palmer is an actress and singer whose already having a busy year with movies like Alice and Lightyear.

Steven Yeun is also starring in Nope in the job of Ricky “Jupe” Park. Yeun is best referred to for his job as Glenn on The Strolling Dead, however more as of late he turned into an Oscar chosen one of every 2021 for his presentation in Minari.

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The rest of the Nope cast includes Brandon Perea (The OA), Michael Wincott (Westworld season 1), Wrenn Schmidt (For All Humankind), Michael Busch (Adam Ruins Everything), Donna Mills (General Hospital), Barbie Ferreira (Elation), Terry Legal official (an exhibition subtitle master who showed up in Battle for the Planet of the Apes and Kong: Skull Island), Jennifer Lafleur (Search Party), Sophia Coto (This Is Us) and Keith David (The Thing).

Both of Peele’s previous two movies — Get Out and Us — got high praise for their casts. Who will join the ranks of Lupita Nyong’o in Us and Lil Rel Howry in Get Out for significant performances in a Jordan Peele film?

cast of nope

Daniel Kaluuya as OJ Haywood

Daniel Kaluuya has had a transient rise throughout the course of recent years, which all started when he was cast as the lead in Jordan Peele’s first film, Get Out. Kaluuya’s presentation as Chris acquired him an Oscar selection for Best Actor and set his name up for life in the US.

He’d follow that up over the course of the following couple of years with performances in Dark Puma, Widows, Sovereign and Slim and Judas and the Dark Messiah, the last option of which he got the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Nope is a get-together among Kaluuya and Peele. In a cast highlight, Kaluuya described his personality of OJ Haywood as “the person who stayed” to run his family’s horse farm in inland California, however the film picks up as things start to unwind for him, halfway because of the previously mentioned aliens and mostly because of the arrival of his sister, Emerald.

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Keke Palmer as Emerald Haywood

Speaking of Emerald, she is being played by Keke Palmer. The singer turned actress has played some prominent parts in the past, including television series Scream Queens, Berlin Station, Star and some voice work on Loud Mouth and its spinoff series HR.

On the big screen, Palmer has showed up in Hustlers and has already had a couple of movies in 2022, including the Sundance film Alice and Pixar’s Lightyear. Yet, Nope is her most high profile film job to date.

Palmer’s part in Nope will permit the actress to pull out all the stops, as Emerald is the charismatic sibling among her and her sibling OJ.

cast of nope

Yet, as Palmer puts it, when the film starts she doesn’t really know where she is going. She adds that the two characters’ relationship is close, however viewers may not genuinely see that until “s**t really hits the fan.”

Steven Yeun as Ricky ‘Jupe’ Park

Steven Yeun might still best be known for emphatically taking a bat to the head as his personality Glenn was killed off on The Strolling Dead, however the actor has been busy since his time has finished on the long-running AMC zombie series.

Among some of his huge roles post Strolling Dead are Okja, Sorry to Irritate You, Consuming, Space Jam: Another Heritage and The Humans, as well as voice work on vivified series like Voltron: Amazing Protector, Last Space, Tuca and Bertie and Strong. His biggest job, be that as it may, was his Oscar-selected execution in Minari.

Brandon Perea as Holy Messenger Torres

Nope is likely to be the first time that numerous film fans see Brandon Perea. The young actor previously showed up in the Netflix series The OA and had a guest job on the HBO Max unique series Destruction Watch.

Holy messenger Torres is a representative at an electronic store who is welcomed on by OJ and Emerald to attempt to get genuine film of aliens. As Perea describes him in an interview, “Heavenly messenger is just learned in a ton of irregular things.

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He’s sort of that kind of buddy where he’s learned in metal music, computer games, films and aliens. He’s just that buddy that is chilling back, listening to a podcast, smoking a tad, living it up and just attempting to learn. He’s just wired like that.”

cast of nope

Michael Wincott as Antlers Holst

Regardless of whether you perceive the name Michael Wincott, you’ve likely seen him before in some of your #1 Network programs or movies.

Having worked since the last part of the 70s, Wincott has starred in The Doors, Robin Hood: Sovereign of Thieves, The Three Musketeers, The Crow, Dead Man, Along Came a Spider, 24: Experience One more Day and Westworld (season 1).


Jordan Peele movies are in many cases shrouded in secrecy, with Nope being no exemption. While bits of the plot (including catching film of aliens) have become clear, fans should still anticipate a lot of surprises from this expected summer blockbuster.

Yet, one thing we can clutch is that the cast of Nope is a thrilling gathering of actors, including a Get Out gathering, the potential for a big screen breakout and some less comfortable names with large roles.

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