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We have all the information about the cast of Moon Knight. Initially, a street-level vigilante, Moon Knight’s persona has also faced cosmic and supernatural foes in the past. The persona initially appeared in 1975’s issue 32 of the comic book “Werewolf By Night” as a mercenary hired to kill Jack Russell, a werewolf. In 1980, Moon Knight finally had his origin story after making numerous appearances in different publications. Moon Knight’s original persona, Marc Spector, was on a mercenary mission in Egypt when his boss, Bushman, abandoned him to perish in the desert for attempting to halt the killing of unarmed villagers.

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Marc was carried to a tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh and placed beneath a statue of the moon god Khonshu, who restored him back to life. Then, after exacting revenge on Bushman and his goons, Marc went back to New York and assumed the criminal identity of Moon Knight. Marc adopted two new personas to play this part: Jack Lockley, a cab driver with access to information, and Steven Grant, whose riches had funded Spector’s hero work.

Cast of Moon Light

Arthur Harrow, the antagonist of the Disney+ series, is portrayed by Ethan Hawke. Even if there is a comic book character with the same name, his origin is entirely different. Hawke’s character is the head of a cult that worships Ammit, an ancient Egyptian goddess with a crocodile head and a lion and hippocampus body combined. According to Egyptian mythology, the Hall of Judgement is where the deceased’s soul is judged after death. To ascertain whether their souls are clean, their hearts will be measured on a scale against a feather belonging to the goddess of truth Ma’at. The soul would be consumed by Ammit and remain restless eternally if the scales did not balance. The goddess in the Disney+ series has the power to both judge and punish. Harrow and his followers hold that Ammit can save the world by judging it and expelling all evildoers.

cast of moon knight

One of Moon Knight’s many enemies is Midnight Man/Anton Mogart. Gaspard Ulliel does a posthumous portrayal of him.The New York Times reports that the actor passed away in January after a skiing accident. He was 37.May Calamawy’s portrayal of Layla El-Faouly makes her look like a wholly original character. Moon Knight has been referred to as having Layla as an ally who will support him in his fight against Harrow. Moon Knight’s two major allies in the comics were his comrade Frenchie and his girlfriend Marlene Alraune. Layla might be both of these things at once.

In “Moon Knight,” Khonshu is played by stunt performer Karim El Hakim, but Academy Award-winning actor F. Murray Abraham provides his voice. Moon Knight is revived by the moon deity Khonshu, an ancient Egyptian, who subsequently uses him as his avatar to carry out world justice. Even while it isn’t always obvious in the comics whether Khonshu is genuine, when he is, he is a god rather than an outsider like Thor or the other Asgardians. Khonshu isn’t presented in the series as a delusion, but rather as a true god.

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Another fresh character created for the “Moon Knight” series is Donna, who is portrayed by Lucy Thackeray. The main character of the first episode is Steven Grant, the alter of Moon Knight, who works in a London museum’s gift store. Grant’s harsh boss is Donna.

Plot of Moon Light

Marc Spector and Stephen Grant will probably return for the second season of Moon Knight. Probably in a more peaceful state than the mayhem we witnessed in the first season when they fought over the same body.

Cast of Moon Knight

Furthermore, everyone is aware that the first season finished on a cliffhanger, hinting at the presence of a third character in the form of the cunning Jake Lockley. After Jake’s ostensibly malevolent entrance, Isaac might be playing both the hero and the villain in Moon Knight season 2 at once.

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Episode 5 is written by Rebecca Kirsch and Matthew Orton and is directed by the ideal Mohamed Diab. When analyzing the phenomenon of Marc and Steven’s combined existence, the two work backward to identify the disorder’s source. For the first four weeks, they were very much one, but now they are two separate people attempting to figure out what occurred in the years they were controlled by each other. The goal is to enter Marc’s dissociative identity disorder-affected mind and reveal Steven’s true origins.

Review of Moon Light

This part of the show is fully carried out by Oscar Isaac. He is now required to portray the character as two distinct beings. Marc and Steven both have their own bodies and thoughts. Do you think it would even be a challenge for the actor to play them separately given how they were portrayed as having the same body? It’s amusing to watch Ethan Hawke as a completely different human than Harrow today.