Everything To Know About Brutall Murder Of Carol Maltesi



It is thought that Carol Maltesi, who performed under the stage name Charlotte Angie, was murdered in Brescia, Italy, when she was working on the making of sex recordings at the time of her death. At the time, she was 26 years old and had already given birth to one kid.

Her dismembered remains were discovered on March 21 after having been hurled over of a rocky cliff, according to the reports. Her body had been found in several different locations. An adult male with the age range of 43 to 44 years old was taken into custody in connection with the death of Maltesi.

What Reports Have To Say

According to reports, the Italian police made an arrest on Tuesday in connection with the finding of 15 defrosted body parts hidden in trash bags in a ditch in Northern Italy on Sunday. Sunday was the day that the body parts were found by the investigators. Investigators took Davide Fontana, a bank employee from Milan who is 43 years old, into prison on Tuesday after it was found that his statement contained contradictions. Fontana works for a bank called Banca Popolare.

Carol Maltesi

It has been reported that Fontana admitted during an interview with the NL Times that he was in the process of filming two sexually aggressive recordings with Maltesi at the time she passed suddenly. After that, he allegedly carried out a series of brutal attacks against her before slitting her neck, as the claims state. According to the charges, the horrible encounter was also captured on his phone, but it was erased after being played back after it had been viewed. There is a chance that experts in forensics can recover the footage that was accidentally deleted.

Who Are The Sources For Her Murder

According to the sources, in order to keep up the pretence that Maltesi was still alive, Fontana continued to pay her rent and kept up a consistent presence on her mobile phone, which gave the impression that she was still functioning.

When the initial investigation into Maltesi’s death got begun, he had her remains dispersed about Brescia while they were still in bags. He did this before the investigation got under way.

Carol Maltesi

After Maltesi failed to show up for his shift at a nightclub, it was found that Fontana was to blame for his disappearance. Later on, he is said to have acknowledged to her murder, and on March 29 of this week, he was hauled into custody on a variety of counts, one of which being homicide. He is facing these charges in connection with her death.

Who Was the Character That Carol Maltesi Played?

Actress Carol Maltesi, better known by her stage name Charlotte Angie, was a member of the band OnlyFans and has been in a number of adult films. Maltesi is best known by her stage name Charlotte Angie. When she was last seen alive, it was in the month of January outside of her residence in Rescaldina, which is located close to Milan.

Carol Maltesi

It is rumoured that Carol Maltesi, a mother of a girl who is six years old, began working as an actor in pornographic films after the epidemic caused her to lose her job and become unemployed. At the beginning of this year, she began a romantic relationship with Davide Fontana, who lived right next door to her; nevertheless, they parted ways not long after they began dating each other.

What About Her Identification

Andrea Tortelli, a journalist, is said to have been the one to identify Maltesi’s body after authorities had given a description of her. This is according to the NL Times. This happened in the month of March.

Carol Maltesi

After verifying her identity over the phone with his relatives using photographs, he then reported the event to the Italian authorities. This all took place after he had spoken with his relatives on the phone.