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Carol Burnett Net Worth: What Does Carol Burnett Do Now?


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Carol Burnett has established herself as one of the most famous and well-liked people in the annals of the entertainment industry because to her extensive and fruitful career in television.

She is arguably best recognized for hosting The Carol Burnett Show on CBS, but she also achieved fame for her acting performances in films, television shows, radio shows, and theatrical productions. Carol Burnett has been honored with a number of accolades due to the significant impact she has had in the field of entertainment.

The Beginnings:

The 26th of April, 1933 finds Carol Creighton Burnett being brought into the world in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother worked as a PR writer for film studios, and her father owned a movie theater, thus she grew up in a family that was deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. However, due to the fact that both of her parents struggled with alcoholism, the majority of her upbringing was done by her grandmother.

By the late 1930s, Carol Burnett’s parents had separated, and she had already made the trip to Hollywood. She moved back in with her grandmother and spent her childhood in a boarding house with her half-sister Chrissie. Chrissie was also a member of the family.

The fact that Carol’s mother played the ukulele and her grandmother had musical training contributed to Carol’s early interest in music and singing. Carol’s grandmother also had musical training. In addition, Carol’s grandmother frequently took her to the movies, which sparked an interest in the medium in Carol at an early age. She had a job at a movie theater when she was a young girl.

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In 1951, when Carol Burnette was about to graduate from high school, she was handed a letter and an envelope that each contained fifty dollars. The money was enough to pay for one year of tuition at UCLA.

She majored in theatrical arts and English, but she was first compelled to study acting because it was a prerequisite for the career path of a playwright, which she ultimately decided to pursue. She eventually fell in love with acting and the affection she felt from the audience while performing, despite the fact that at first she was hesitant to try it.

As a result of the success she had with this endeavor, Carol Burnett participated in a variety of theater plays at universities. Burnett eventually settled on the objective of going to New York to star in a musical, despite the fact that her mother disapproved of her daughter’s performing aspirations.

Carol Burnett ran into a man and his wife after attending a party that was held by her professor. The man and his wife volunteered to give Carol Burnett a lift home. When Carol told this unknown man about her desire to move to New York, he offered her a loan of one thousand dollars with no interest, so that she and her partner could fulfill Carol’s ambition of moving to New York and establishing themselves there.

In accordance with his directives, Carol Burnett has never disclosed the identity of this individual. The year that she went to New York was the same year that her father passed away from alcoholism-related issues that had been lingering for a long time.


In spite of the fact that Carol Burnett did not land any acting assignments during her first year in New York, she eventually did so in 1955 when she was cast in a bit part on The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. She then went on to play a part in the television sitcom Stanley before gaining fame through live performances in New York’s nightclubs and cabarets.

It was her rendition of the song “I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles” that is credited with attracting the attention of the United States Secretary of State John Dulles.

Burnett proceeded to progressively build momentum with appearances in a number of game shows and variety shows on Broadway, such as Pantomime Quiz and The Gary Moore Show. She was nominated for an Emmy for her work on the later show, which contributed significantly to the rise in her star power. From this point forward, Burnett began to star in a variety of performances and theater productions as the main attraction.

The Carol Burnett Show was first broadcast in 1967 under Carol Burnett’s eponymous stewardship. During its 11-year run on television, the variety show was nominated for and received a total of 23 Emmy Awards. During this time period, Burnett rose to fame as a performer, and her presentation had a variety of elements, including musical numbers, countless parodies, audience participation, and, of course, her signature “Tarzan yell.”

She went on to star in a variety of movies and television series after her time on The Carol Burnett Show. The Four Seasons, Seasons of the Heart, Noses Off, and Horton Hears a Who are just a few of the movies in which she appeared that are considered to be among her most significant cinematic appearances (a voice acting role).

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In addition to this, she continued to make guest appearances on a variety of television shows, including Hawaii Five-O, All My Children, Desperate Housewives, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In addition, you may have seen her in productions on Broadway such as “Moon Over Buffalo” and “Putting it All Together.” Since the beginning of the 2010s, Carol Burnett has decreased the amount of work she does as an actress because she prefers to avoid the spotlight.


In college, Carol Burnett became acquainted with Dan Saroyan, who would later become her first husband. In spite of the fact that they had been married in 1955, they got a divorce in 1962. She wed the television producer Joe Hamilton in 1963, and the couple went on to have three children together before divorcing in 1984.

Their daughter’s fight with substance addiction was one of the primary contributing elements that led to the breakup of their marriage. Carol Burnett wed the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra drummer Brian Miller in the year 2001, despite the fact that he was 23 years her junior.

Real Estate:

It was reported in 1999 that Carol Burnett had spent $2 million on an oceanview house in the Montecito neighborhood of Santa Barbara. She subsequently oversaw substantial renovations to her new home, which was one storey and 5,000 square feet in size. These upgrades included extensive kitchen refurbishment. The rumors that circulated at the time stated that Burnett intended to make the residence her “main home.”

Oprah Winfrey purchased a home in Montecito, California in 2001 for the staggering sum of $50 million, despite the fact that it had never been listed for sale. The Oprah effect was generated as a result of this, and it caused other homeowners in the region to put their properties for sale at inflated prices. This effect was given a name by journalists.

Carol Burnett was apparently one of these homeowners, and she followed Oprah’s aggressive move in the real estate market by listing her Montecito house for a price of $36 million. It was claimed many years later that Carol Burnett was still residing in her Montecito home, despite the fact that she had attempted to sell it in the past.

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However, Burnett was successful in selling her condo at Trump Towers for $5.58 million in the year 2008. The opulent condo is two thousand square feet in size and features crown moldings. It offers views of Central Park. In addition, Carol Burnett maintains ownership of a residence on Wilshire Boulevard in the borough of Manhattan as well as another property in the city of Santa Fe.

Net Worth

The American actress, comedian, writer, and singer Carol Burnett has a net worth of $45 million. She is also known for her singing career.