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Fantasy-Noir shows have always interested the audience for a long time. While talking about such shows we know that Carnival Row is among the popular hits that have landed on Amazon Prime Video. After the release of the first season, fans explore the classical vintage story with compelling characters whose performance has enhanced the show’s overall performance. After the conclusion of the first season, fans were desperate to learn about Carnival Row Season 2. 

When the series was initially released, farms did not expect anything from it. There was limited information revealed regarding the series and fans were looking forward to the successive seasons. 

If you have never tried any classical Neo-Noir show, Carnival Row is something you should consider watching.  Starring Cara Delevingne and Orlando Bloom as the main lead and brings back the super intense chemistry on the screen. With the first season-ending dramatically, fans were concerned regarding the future of the show. 

In this article, we’ll be going to discuss everything about Carnival Row Season 2. If you are interested to learn about the future of the series then continue reading the article till the end. 

Carnival Row Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Carnival Row Season 2

Carnival Row is officially released on Amazon Prime Video and the prime-time subscribers were already furious to watch the show. The first part of the series was released in 2019 and brings back the classical iconic neo-noir story on the screen. Though a lot of things happened in the show, the fans were confused about whether the showrunners are eager to make another part or not. 

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In 2019, shortly after the release of the first season officials confirmed that there will be another season. The renewed fans made the renewal of the second part official, and people were already waiting to hear more announcements. It was already confirmed that Carnival Row is meant to be a multiple-season show and no one was surprised by the renewal news because the viewers already knew about it. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Carnival Row Season 2
Photo: Jan Thijs 2018

As the renewal of the series has officially been revealed to the fans, there has been a huge confusion regarding the release date. The officials have already greenlit the show back in 2019 but it’s been 3years and there have been no updates on the release date. 

Earlier, the reports confirmed that the filming for the second installment was officially wrapped up in September 2021. Despite the news being confirmed by the official sources, one year has passed with no updates on the date.

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The show was expected to release in the upcoming year. Carnival Row Season 2 has yet to announce its confirmed release date. Neither the cast nor Amazon Prime has discussed anything regarding the delivery date. We are still hoping for the show to happen super soon. If there will be any confirmation regarding the show, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Carnival Row Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Carnival Row Season 2 Release Date

The show won’t be moving without the main character i.e. Orlando Bloom played the role of Philo and Cara Delevingne appeared as Vignette. As the second season of the show has been officially greenlit, fans are officially concerned regarding the future of the series

The appearance of Cara was confirmed by herself. In an interview, she revealed by saying, “The cast made it, and to be honest, the crew and everyone on set. The camaraderie on set, and the passion and the care for every detail.”

Along with this Guggenheim also hinted that the second season might bring the famous pop star, Katy Perry on the set. He said, “I was talking to Orlando the other day,”

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He further noted,  “I’m like, ‘For season two, we gotta get Katy coming by the set’. It’d be a lot of fun. I think Katy would be a great fairy.”

Along with this, the other characters of the show are likely to be back which include David Gyasi as Agreus, Karla Crome as Tourmaline, Indira Varma as Piety Breakspear, Jared Harris as Absalom Breakspear, and Tamzin Merchant as Imogen Spurnrose.

 Marc Guggenheim, the showrunner of the show said, “One of the biggest seismic changes to the show itself happened at the end of the first season,” 

He also added, “And it’s something that we’re going to be dealing with and dramatizing in season two. And the trick for Philo is, it’s not, unfortunately, as simple as him embracing the fact that he’s fae. To the fae, he’s not fae. He’s a half-blood. So he is a man without a country.

“You know, he’s not human enough for the humans, but he’s not far enough for the fae. He kind of exists in this sort of status Twilight Zone. Not to mention the fact that, because of this decision, he has relinquished his badge.

“So this cloak of authority that he used to have is no longer there. So that’s another thing that he’ll be wrestling with in season two.”

Carnival Row Season 2 Plot: What Can We Expect with it?

Carnival Row Season 2 Details

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime has not updated anything regarding the second season. The fans are still waiting for the show to happen super soon. 

On the other hand, Bloom said, “Having been part of another little fantasy genre movie,” 

He further added, “I was a little bit familiar with it. But I honestly felt like I’d never seen anything like this before. I was intrigued by this man [his character Rycroft Philostrate] who was born an orphan, raised in an orphanage, then served in the military, and went on to be a police detective. And I thought about, you know, being raised in institutions and what that would do to the psyche of a man.”

“It’s great to be talking about something that I think, a project that has with the fantasy lands we can look at the world through today, this great social commentary about refugees, race, sexuality, and, power abuse,” 

“It’s all the brainchild of our creator and showrunner Travis Beacham who had this genius idea about 20 years ago and it’s finally come to fruition. It’s been a long time, it’s good.”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

The second season of Carnival Row is officially confirmed but there is no release date scheduled yet. Fans are looking for the official trailer of this fantasy drama which is not confirmed. Till there comes any official trailer, here is the official trailer of the first season.

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