Carly Simon ’s Sisters: Everything To Know About the Music Icon’s Siblings Who Died One Day Apart!


Saloni Singh

Carly Simon is mourning the loss of her two sisters, Joanna and Lucy Simon, who both failed from cancer just one day piecemeal from each other this week.

 Former pieces songster Joanna failed from thyroid cancer on Wednesday at the age of 85, while Broadway composter Lucy failed of bone cancer the following day at 82. Carly said the losses will be” long and creepy” in a statement issued to EW.

” I’m filled with anguish to speak about the end of Joanna and Lucy Simon,” Carly said.” Their loss will be long and creepy. As sad as this day is, it’s insolvable to mourn them without celebrating their inconceivable lives that they lived.”

” We were three sisters who not only took turns blazing trails and marking courses for one another, we were each others secret shares,” the songster continued.” Theco-keepers of each other’s recollections. I’ve no words to explain the feeling of suddenly being the only remaining direct seed of Richard and Andrea Simon.”

How Did Carly Simon’s Sisters Die?

 According to multiple reports, Lucy had bone cancer for a long time, which ultimately led to her death. still, she wasn’t rehabilitated at the time of death.

 Former pieces songster Joanna Simon failed of thyroid cancer at Manhattan Hospital. It remains unknown exactly when she was admitted for treatment since Lucy and Joanna noway spoke of their health issues to anyone, and their health history is presently unapproachable.

Carly Simon’s Sisters: Everything To Know About The Music Icon’s Siblings Who Died One Day Apart

 Carly Simon also had a family, Peter Simon, who failed of cardiac arrest in 2018. He, too, was battling cancer when he failed at the age of 71.

 Careers of Lucy Simon and Joanna Simon

Born on May 5, 1940, Lucy Simon started her career by performing with her family Carly Simon as The Simon Sisters. The brace first appeared on the series Hootenanny in April 1963, and after subscribing with Kapp Records, they released two compendiums – Meet the Simon Sisters and Cuddlebug.

 The Simon Sisters gained recognition for their song, Wynken, Blynken & Nod, which reached the 73rd position on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1964. They were also inked by Columbia Records and released another reader, The Simon Sisters Sing the Lobster Quadrille and Other Songs for Children.

Lucy also began pursuing her solo career, where she released two compendiums – Lucy Simon in 1975 and Stolen Time in 1977. She made her Broadway debut as a musician of The Secret Garden and composed a musical interpretation of the Russian new Croaker Zhivago.

Carly Simon’s Sisters: Everything To Know About The Music Icon’s Siblings Who Died One Day Apart

Lucy Is Survived by Her Hubby David, Son Julie, Family Carly Simon and Grandchildren Sophie, Ben, Charlie, and Evie.

The oldest of the sisters, Joanna, was born on October 20, 1936. Although she appeared regularly in operas and musicales from 1962 to 1986, she reduced her appearances in the late 1990s.

 She was praised for her performance as Pantasilea in Bomarzo, which was followed by her appearances at the world premiere of Thomas Pasatieri’s Black Widow and Robert Starer’s The Last nut.

Joanna made recordings with colorful symphonies throughout her career and performed on the last occasion of The Ed Sullivan Show in March 1971. She also appeared on television shows hosted by Merv Griffen, Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett, and David Frost.