CarGurus App Review: What Are Its Features?


Mohit Kamboj

CarGurus is a website where people can buy cars. Dealers and individuals can post listings for new and used cars on the site. The company started in 2006 and bought Autolist, another platform for buying cars, in 2020. CarGurus has over 5 million listings on its platform, as reported by CarGurus. CarGurus introduced CarOffer in 2022. It’s a service that allows car owners to quickly get cash offers for their vehicles when selling them online.

CarGurus App Review: What are App Features?

Apps like CarGurus make it easy for people to look at lots of new and used cars for sale. They can see listings from online stores like Vroom, as well as from local sellers like dealerships and individuals. The best car-buying apps have a wide selection of cars, provide details about the vehicle’s history, and offer tools to compare prices.

You have the ability to easily sort through new and used car listings. You can also receive price ratings and alerts for price drops and similar listings. Additionally, there is a user forum where you can ask questions about buying a car. The app provides expert and user reviews for various car models. These reviews can give you useful information to help you decide if a particular car is suitable for you.

This app is great for people who want lots of vehicle options and helpful advice while shopping for a car.

Loan calculator Yes, you can input your desired loan terms to see estimated monthly payments.
Vehicle reviews Yes, CarGurus experts and app users offer reviews.
Vehicle history reports No, although it offers some vehicle history information and 20% discounts on full AutoCheck reports.
Price alerts Yes, you can get notified about price drops.
Cash offers available? Yes.

How to Buy a Car on CarGurus?

No fees are charged by CarGurus when you buy a car from their site. As soon as you find a car you like, CarGurus lets you send a message to the owner or seller along with your contact information.

For certain promotions marked with a “Start Your Purchase” tag, you can also start the buying process online. The steps are getting an estimate of the value of your trade-in, choosing your finance and add-ons, and setting up a time to meet at the store.

Process to Sell a car on CarGurus Offers

To sell your car to CarGurus CarOffer, you’ll need to enter its 17-digit VIN or license plate number online, along with information about how many miles it has been driven, and any loan details. You’ll also have to give your ZIP code, email address, and answer some simple questions about the damage to and general condition of the vehicle.

In about a minute or two, CarGurus CarOffer will email you a cash offer, which is what it calls its “instant match offer.”

A CarGurus CarOffer agent will call, email, or text you that same day, if you accept the offer, to set up the terms of the sell. You will be asked to explain any damage to the car and share a picture of your driver’s license, the car’s title, and the odometer. This person can also show you what to do if the title has more than one name on it or if the vehicle’s owner has died.

You can use CarGurus’s online tool to choose when and where you want a driver to pick up your car, whether it’s from your home, work, or somewhere else. Pickup usually happens between three and ten days, but it depends on your preferences and the transport companies in the CarGurus contract network that are available. The sales contract will be mailed to you by CarGurus CarOffer. You can sign it when you pick up the car. The driver will look at your car to make sure it fits the description you gave online before picking it up.

The driver will give you a check. It may take a few days for CarGurus to process the check (you’ll get proof by email) and for the money to clear in your bank account. You can also choose to be paid by direct payment into your bank account. If you do this, the money should be in your account in one to two hours. You won’t have to pay anything for either choice.

Don’t clean the car before the pick-up, and don’t sign the title until you’re ready to give the keys to the next person. You will need to show a government-issued ID, proof that you own the car (like a license or title), and information about any liens. It should take 15 to 30 minutes to pick up the items.

CarGurus CarOffer May Work for:

  • Want to get various auto dealers’ quick opinions on the value of their car.
  • They don’t have to trade in their car.
  • Have a well-known car in the area that isn’t rented and has a clear title.

CarGurus Pros and Cons


  • Find the best offer from the ones that different sellers have made.
  • Picks up items for free in 36 states and the District of Columbia area.


  • Doesn’t sell cars itself, so you can’t trade in your old car.
  • The price can’t be changed.
  • Does not buy titles that are damaged or rented cars.
  • Broken, high-mileage, or not very popular cars might not get an offer.


What features does the CarGurus app offer for car buyers?

The CarGurus app provides a range of features, including the ability to sort through new and used car listings, receive price ratings, set price drop alerts, access a user forum, and read expert and user reviews for various car models.

Can I use a loan calculator on the CarGurus app?

Yes, the app includes a loan calculator feature that allows users to input desired loan terms and see estimated monthly payments.

Does CarGurus provide vehicle history reports for cars listed on their platform?

While CarGurus offers some vehicle history information, it does not provide full AutoCheck reports. However, users can enjoy a 20% discount on complete AutoCheck reports.

Is there a cost to buy a car on CarGurus?

No, CarGurus does not charge any fees when you buy a car from their site. The process is straightforward, and users can contact sellers directly through the platform.

How does the process work when selling a car through CarGurus CarOffer?

To sell your car through CarGurus CarOffer, you need to provide details such as the VIN or license plate number, mileage, loan information, and your location. After receiving an instant match offer, a CarOffer agent will contact you to finalize the terms. The process involves sharing necessary documents, scheduling a convenient pickup, and receiving payment, either by check or direct bank deposit.