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Cara Delevingne Dating : Updates You Need to Know Today!

Since Cara Delevingne first came to public attention, it’s safe to assume that fans have been quite interested in learning more about her personal life. As of February 2021, it appears like things with Jaden Smith are on the upswing. After the Daily Mail received images of Cara and Jaden kissing behind a giant arrangement of flowers, the duo was accused of being involved in a romance. It’s unclear what exactly is going on between these two, but we’re rooting for them in their growing relationship.

Cara Delevingne Dating

Over the years, the model has also been associated with a slew of well-known personalities! We chose to go down each and every one of her romances because there have been allegations that she has been in relationships with some of Hollywood’s greatest stars, such as Miley Cyrus, Ashley Benson, Harry Styles, and others.

Are Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith Really Dating?

It is well-known that the 22-year-old actor/musician and the 28-year-old supermodel-turned-actor had been pals for quite some time before meeting one other. For the majority of their time together, the two had never really inspired relationship rumors, until they teamed up for the Life In A Year documentary together in 2010.

No one was surprised by press stories associating the two together since attaching a male and a female lead long after the release of their first picture together is reported to be a frequent technique in the film industry. As of this writing, neither artist has commented on the rumors of a romantic relationship. In the following week, however, the Daily Mail produced an article that contained photographs of the two, taken in an alleyway in West Hollywood where they were observed together. Observers will notice that the After Earth actress is greeting the Carnival Row actor with a bunch of red roses in the photographs taken.

It has been reported that the photographs of the couple were taken on Valentine’s Day. Two people kiss in public in the second photograph that was obtained by the magazine in question, which is more or less seen as an admission of being involved in a love connection with someone. However, neither Cara Delevingne’s Instagram photographs nor any of Jaden Smith’s social media activities suggest that this is the case.

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Jake Bugg

When Cara and Jake were met through a mutual acquaintance, it was during their brief courtship in early 2013 that they began dating. However, according to reports, they separated in April of that year owing to their hectic schedules.

Cara Delevingne Dating

Harry Styles

When the One Direction singer and the model were seen spending a lot of time together in 2013, people began to suspect that they were dating one other. The following September, he even sat in the front row for several of her runway presentations!

“Harry has been following Cara constantly for a long time. “He has a strong attraction to her and has expressed a desire to be with her exclusively,” a source told E! News at the time of the incident. They are gonna be his lover and girlfriend, Harry claims. Cara, on the other hand, is unsure about what to do at the moment.

She’s a great model who’s just getting her bearings at the moment. They are, however, seeing one other on a more casual basis, and they are genuinely quite cute together. Their buddies believe it has the potential to work… Despite the fact that he is pursuing her, she is a very busy girl.”

Miley Cyrus

There were a lot of questions about Miley’s and Cara’s relationship after Miley posted this picture of them licking each other in 2013. A break from her romance with Liam Hemsworth at the time, it is probable that Hannah Montana and Liam dated. Since none of them has ever spoken publicly about the connection, it’s still unknown what happened.

Michelle Rodriguez

In the early months of 2014, there was speculation that Cara and Michelle were dating. Thereafter, she told The Mirror about their connection.

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She exclaimed, “It’s going pretty nicely.” He said, “She’s amazing. As soon as I started hanging out with her, I felt she was fantastic, and we having the fun of our lives! But she’s a pain. In a battle, “you wouldn’t want to get into a scrap with her.”

Unfortunately, they called it quits on their romance in May 2014, after only six months of dating.

Jack O’Connell

The couple, who met on the production of the movie Tulip Fever, started dating rumors in late 2014 after becoming acquainted on the shoot. After the blonde beauty published a photo of what seemed to be his neck with a hickey on it, fans began to speculate whether or not they were dating. “Love bites,” she wrote on the photo’s caption. However, it was the last time we heard from the reported pair, so it’s safe to assume they’ve parted ways since then!

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St. Vincent

In their relationship, Cara and St. Vincent lasted almost a year, and they were genuinely adorable together. They began dating in 2015, and the Paper Towns actress even admitted that she had fallen in love with the musician at the time.

“I’m head over heels in love… In an interview with Vogue, Cara said, “I didn’t know what love was — true love.” “I didn’t get the significance of what was going on. I used to believe that you were up against the entire world. Now I understand that love is the ultimate meaning of existence. “Whether you’re doing it for yourself, the planet, or your lover.”

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The unfortunate fact is that they divorced in 2016, yet it appeared that they parted on amicable terms. “We’ll always be incredibly close,” St. Vincent said in an interview with Vogue after the separation. “I’ll be in love with her forever.”

Paris Jackson

Rumors began to circulate in 2018 that Paris and Cara were dating when they began to appear on each other’s social media profiles in large numbers. In March, they were even seen kissing and holding hands outside of a restaurant in Hollywood, which they denied. Despite all of their public displays of affection, Cara Jackson, the daughter of legendary artist Michael Jackson, subsequently tweeted, “Cara and I were never legally exclusive.”

Ashley Benson

Ashley and Cara were first seen together in May of last year, however it’s unknown when they began dating. Ashley and Cara have been spotted all over the world since their first date. Cara even referred to Ashley as her “true love” on Instagram back in April 2019. When she responded to some internet trolls who were criticising her and her boyfriend’s relationship, everyone was captivated.

“You filthy scumbag! Instead of “pathetically hating” on Instagram, “come say this s*** to my face,” she added. Your lives are plainly in a state of dissatisfaction, and you have a lot of spare time on your hands.” Homophobic and hating others for being happy isn’t the only way to spend your time.

Cara Delevingne Dating

Since Stonewall happened 50 years ago, “I don’t know,” she remarked. “It’s Pride, and I don’t know.” Why not? It’s been little over a year since we started dating.

After more than two years together, the news broke in May 2020 that they were ending their relationship.

A source informed Life & Style at the time that “this divorce is not surprise to Ashely and Cara’s inner circle.” Everyone didn’t want it to be true.” They made a fantastic team and were adored by anyone who knew them. That’s why it’s so difficult.”

According to the insider, the couple had begun to “grow apart” and “know it wasn’t an easy decision” for them to split up.

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