Cannon’s Buster Season 2: Is this Fantasy Series is Confirmed?


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The American fantasy comic book-based series- Cannon’s Busters is created by LeSean Thomas and originally launched in March 2005. Whereas on Netflix, it was premiered on August 15, 2019.

With this series, you will explore the incredible Gearbolt land, following a crowd of travelers (which highly varied in numerous aspects), on a journey to rejoin 2 best friends.

The storyline has a mixed blend of action, fantasy to perfectly engage the audience. This article is fully based on Cannon’s Buster Season 2 that will provide answers to all your questions.

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Moving ahead towards the series:

Will Cannon’s Buster’s be back with Season 2 on Screen?

Genuinely, there is no information available for Cannon’s Buster’s Season 2. But considering the efforts of the creator LeSean Thomas and season 1 extreme success, there are no chances for its cancelation.

It is highly suspected that the season will be back in limelight. Even Netflix will not drop the series and surely, it will come back with a grand storyline. Neither from the creator’s side and nor from the showrunner side, there is no announcement for its squeal. Waiting is the only option with us.

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Cannon’s Buster Season 2: What is the expected Release Date?

As per our presuppositions, season two of the series may engage the audience in fall 2021 or early 2022. This is one of the most early expected release dates, as its production needs more than a year.

All the above information is based on the estimate, there is no absolute surety about it. Surely, when it is authoritatively issued then we will rewrite the part for you.

Get all the details about Ambitions, whether the show will renew for further seasons or it has been canceled by the creators and the showrunners.

Is there any Cannon’s Buster Season 2 First Look released?

For the first look, we have to wait for the show confirmation and its studio work, before that we can’t expect. I know you might say that the internet is swamped with the season 2 trailer, it is just clickbait.

Consider the above details, before relying on any video claiming Cannon’s Buster Season 2 trailer. When it will release, then steadily we will definitely add it for you.

Cannon Buster

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How fans reacted to Cannon’s Buster?

Here, is a reaction of the audience of Cannon Buster:


Cannon Busters isn’t a perfect show. But it’ll be one that will soothe you into fun memories hanging out with your favorite anime shows. The show’s saving grace, in fact, is its masterful handling of nostalgia.


Even though the anime is beautiful, the storyline takes a while to pick up. Hopefully next season, the writing will be strong so it can match the visuals of this beautiful series.


Cannon Busters is edgy and fun, and if you’re fans of the comic book series, or like Thomas’s cutting-edge work, you will not be disappointed.


It was terrible. It wasn’t even good to pass the time I dragged through each episode hoping it would get better and kept getting proven wrong.

From all the above, you will definitely get an idea about the fan-following of Cannon Buster. Hoping it will help you to take your decision to watch it if you haven’t watched it.

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Terminal Words:

Whether there will be a squeal of Cannon Buster is still is a mystery but we accept, it will open up very soon. Till then, if previous season 12 episodes have not been streamed by you yet then this is the high time to go for it.

The article provides you in-depth information regarding season 2, still, you are seeking any other information then let me know in the comment section. We will definitely provide you with what you are seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will, there be a Season 2 of Cannon’s Buster?

There are high possibilities that Cannon will be back with season 2. Because the show was a great hit and even the creator’s worked hard for season 1. So, they will not hang the series in-between.

How many episodes are there in Cannon’s Buster?

As of now, there are only 12 episodes in the series. Here, is a list of all of them:

Episode 1: “High Risk, Low Reward!”

Chapter 2: “Grifters gonna Grift”

Show 3: “Watch Out For The Wet Spot”

Episode 4: “9INE”

Chapter 5: “21 The Hard Way”

Episode 6: “Unfettered”

Show 7: “Lady & the Kid”

Episode 8: “Turnbuckle Ex-Machina”

Act 9: “Lullaby of The Stars”

Episode 10: “Squeaking Springs Afternoon”

Show 11: “Innocence Lost Pt.1”

Episode 12: “Innocence Lost Pt.2”

Where can to stream Cannon’s Buster?

Originally, the show was launched on DIRECTV. So, you can access it there or you can even go for the episodes on Netflix. On August 15, 2019, the show became accessible on Netflix. You can binge on any of the above platforms.

Is Cannon’s Buster Season 2 is dropped by the makers?

Neither the season is dropped, nor the season is renowned. Actually, no details are shared by Netflix or even by the show creators regarding resuming of the show. So, we have to wait till the official statement.