Canine Intervention: Is It Returning? Renewed or Cancelled!


David Mudd

We all know that dogs, like other pets, can be traumatized and carry complicated emotional baggage, just like humans. It frequently manifests itself as aggressiveness, which, if unchecked, can have disastrous consequences. Jas Leverette teaches aggressive dogs. His methods have resulted in a thriving company as well as the rescue of several dogs from euthanasia. On Canine Intervention, he visits puppies that are in need of his assistance in various settings.

Also, not every dog starts off as a nice boy. Some people require additional time and care in order to develop into the loyal friends they desire. People may have depended on Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, in the past to help them control their unruly pets. Still, Netflix debuted Jas Leverette in 2021 as a new doggy specialist. He is the one who can whip even the most unsocialized canines into shape.

Leverette travels the country with his new reality TV show, Canine Intervention. On the way he assists pet owners in improving their relationships with their animals. In some instances, he is able to assist the owners in identifying deep-seated personal difficulties that prevent them from leading successful lives.

With only six episodes in the first season, viewers of the show may be wondering when they can expect to witness more transforming experiences. Canine Intervention has failed to get a second season order from Netflix as of this writing. Also the show’s future may not be as certain as one may think.

When Will Canine Intervention Season 2 Be Released?

If Netflix agrees to renew the program for a second season. We expect it to premiere around a year after the first, which premiered on February 24, 2021. Suppose you’re wondering why it’s taking so long for a renewal or cancellation notice. Consider that the program has already sparked some controversy in its first season, which might be the cause of any delays.

canine intervention

From the first season, many dog lovers were concerned about Jas Leverette‘s tactics, which included the use of electric shock collars and prong collars. Because of the harm they may inflict on animals, these tools have gone out of favor in recent years. Therefore it came as a surprise to some to see them featured extensively on a TV show in 2021. A petition was also established to persuade Netflix not to broadcast the first season, eventually gathering over 47,000 signatures.

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The episodes were still released, but it’s conceivable that the streaming provider didn’t want to deal with any potential future concerns and just tossed the program in the trash. It remains to be seen, but there has been no confirmation of the reality show’s destiny in any direction.

What Type of Canines Can We Expect to See in Season 2 of Canine Intervention?

If Canine Intervention returns for a second season. We may expect a new crop of dogs that just need a little help getting back on track. Pit bulls were included in a few episodes in the first season. While they are statistically the most deadly dog breed in the world. Several other breeds were included as well, including a shepherd-husky mix and a Maltipoo. It’s impossible to predict what sort of canines may appear in future episodes.

canine intervention

Given the show’s many critics, finding owners prepared to subject their pets to more severe and perhaps harmful behavioral therapy may be difficult. Many dog specialists have already spoken out. For example, Saro Boghozian, author of A Dog’s Five Essential Needs, who created a YouTube video. This video moves forward to explain. Why society doesn’t need “another harsh approach of dog training popularized on TV shows in the shape of entertainment that causes more harm than good”. More varieties of canines may be featured if Leverette eased off on some of his approaches.

What Is This Show All About?

Cali K9 in San Jose is owned by Leverette, who is regarded as one of California’s most outstanding dog trainers. When owners’ pets are on their final legs, he’s the trainer they turn to. He works with dogs who have been labeled as violent because of prior assaults on people and other dogs; in many cases, Jas is the owners’ only option for keeping their beloved pets from being put down.

Leverette travels to Malibu to teach Lady Macbeth, a 2-year-old pit bull, in the first episode. She used to live on the streets of Los Angeles with her person. But six months ago, both she and her person were shot. And she lost one of her front legs as a result. She has a new owner, but she has bitten three houseguests because of her aggression. This is because she considers new individuals entering the house a threat to her person because of her history.

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When Lady lunges instead of running, Leverette shows how terrified she is by maintaining his ground. He decides she’ll have to return to San Jose with him for three weeks to learn how to replace the fear reaction with a dopamine response. He gradually teaches her how to respond when unfamiliar distractions enter her territory. Usually by yanking on her leash and shouting “NO!” After that, he throws in a fresh trainer into the mix.

canine intervention

However, we learn through Leverette that the Lady case is close to his heart. Growing up in Oakland, his pets were always at his side; after he murdered another dog, he had to put one of his dogs, Sinbad, down. “I had no idea what to do” to stop Sinbad’s aggression. He eventually realized that not only did he need to get into a dog’s head and figure out what scared him or her. Also, he teaches him or her how to avoid those thoughts. But he also needed to teach the owners how to set expectations and work with their dogs to help them navigate the world.

Where May Canine Intervention Season 2 Take Place?

Jas Leverette is more than simply a dog trainer and owner. In addition, he is the creator of Cali K9, a doggy camp in San Jose, California. As a result, all of Canine Intervention‘s first season episodes were filmed at this facility, and if the show is renewed for a second season, we expect it to be set in the Bay Area as well.

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It may also be fascinating to follow Leverette’s dog training program as he travels across the country to other states. It would be a fantastic way to change up the show’s approach from what we’ve seen so far, and it would even give us a glance into if there are any regional differences in how to raise dogs. These concepts put the cart ahead of the horse unless they are renewed. If a second season is ever made, viewers should be prepared to wait a long time.

Wrapping Up

Jas Leverette is the central character of Canine Intervention, and his unique perspective on how dogs think and feel is evident from the first few minutes. But what we liked about the show is that he’s attempting to teach at-risk canines who are on the verge of being killed if Jas fails.

However, the dogs are equally vital to the show’s success as Jas. Jas and the dog’s owners must communicate that these cherished creatures are not malicious and that their aggression results from traumas that may be remedied. We wish the series had shown more of, at least in the first episode, Leverette’s training methods and the ups and downs he and the dogs go through.

When he returns Lady to her owner, for example, he advises that she will always be a work in progress, and the owner must be aware of this. We wish some of the work in progress could be displayed on-screen rather than hearing from Jas that there is still more work to be done. Another concern we have is that all of Leverette’s clientele will be rich or upper-middle-class. We’re hoping he switches up the individuals whose dogs he helps; the guy in Malibu, for example, had to pay not just for Jas’ services but also for a hotel and kennel expenses for Lady’s three-week stay at Cali K9. We’d want to see Jas provide his training to dogs who don’t have rich owners if his skills are indeed the final hope for some canines.