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Today, we can’t imagine going a day without binge-watching at least one or two episodes of a TV series. We all know that we’re all going through this. Gentlemen, I hope you’re happy today since I have some crucial news about… Any hints, fellas?

Okay, here’s a hint: we’re talking about one of the most popular drama shows to air in the United States on the Starz network. Yes, that is Power Book II. As the narrative of Tariq St. Patrick continues, fans find it impossible to contain their excitement.

Cane Tejada Jr., Lorenzo and Monet’s son, is a major foe in Power Book II: Ghost. Monet’s right hand, Ezekiel Cross’ half-brother, Dru, and Diana Tejada’s big brother.

Cane is one of the two main antagonists in season 1, one of the two secondary antagonists in season 2, and could be one of the main antagonists in season 3.

Woody McClain plays the character of Cane in Power Book II: Ghost.

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Biography of The Power Book II: Ghost

The Season One

When Tariq notices Rel using the restroom with his girlfriend, he punches him, pulls out a shotgun, kills him, and then drives off.

Zeke unlocks the door for Uncle Frank and drives Tariq to college after supper with the Tejada’s. Cane warns Monet about Tariq’s uncle Frank. Monet orders him to assassinate Uncle Frank.

In the next episode, he and Dru earn money and encounter Lil Guap partying. Danilo Ramirez helps Cane and Dru by telling their partner they went another way. Monet confronts him and Dru over shooting Lil Guap’s property. Cane and Monet confront Guap and his friends about calling the police. Cane beats Guap nearly to death after he calls Monet a puta. Dru declines Monet’s request to watch Tariq in Stansfield.

After accidently hitting Monet, his father’s jail guards attack him despite Monet’s protests. Jealous GTG kills Tariq. They send Barz to kill Tariq, who notices him and fights. 2-Bit saves Tariq by drowning Barz. Cane’s phone threatens Tariq to kill him. Cane kills 2 GTGs and demands half of Guap’s possessions after they almost kill Zeke. Tejada disowns him.

Tariq encourages Cane to kill Jabari Reynolds instead of him. Cane consents and leaves. Cane overheard Tariq’s professor’s conversation before shooting him. He feels Tariq is trustworthy.

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The Season Second

Tariq tells Cane he has Ramirez’s name under control as Jabari’s killer. Cane orders Tariq to lie to Monet and he kills Mecca’s third escape GTG member. Cane encourages Mecca to sell narcotics and go into business with him, his family, and Tariq.

Mecca texts Cane as he and Lil Guap head over. Mecca hits Lil Guap for filming his house. Cane leaves Mecca to work with Guap. He practices shooting with Dru after being shot. Dru asks Cane to help the Tejadas date. When the Tejadas asked Cane to broker a drug sale, he substituted sugar for cocaine. The information encourages business in Mecca.

Monet advises Tariq and Cane to stay out of each other’s way because they work together on a project. Cane claims that Tariq accuses Carrie of murdering Reynolds. He meets Nuff during the party hosted by Mecca. Nuff is choked to death by Mecca for bringing up her company. Cane takes things seriously and informs Mecca about Tariq the next day.

Cane slaps Tariq because Zeke is in jeopardy of framing Ramirez for Reynolds’ murder. Tariq will go to prison for killing Ramirez and Reynolds, not him. Cane hits Brayden with Zeke in jail and Maclean wants $1M. Cane shoots the camera during the robbery. Zeke is told by to find Ramirez’s body by Monet. He and Brayden hide Ramirez’s badge in Tariq’s room to frame him.

Tariq follows him to Mecca after he arrives. Cane fakes knowing Eric Kamura. Mecca instructs Eric Kamura to kill Nuff after discovering he’s not a Mahoney boy. Cane’s shocked. Monet tells Tariq to follow Cane. He says she, not Tariq, is the problem. Cane, Dru, and Diana welcome Lorenzo home.

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Lorenzo insists on Dru being Tejada children’s leader after Cane’s release. Despite his anger, Cane continues to work behind his father’s back for Monet. Dru’s boyfriend tells Cane he left the badge in Tariq’s bunk. After a fight, Cane tells Dru to handle Everett. Monet tells Cane to get Davis Maclean’s money to stop Ramirez and Reynolds’ murders.

Tariq plots to have Cane plunder Mecca and pay Davis with GTG. Mecca realizes Cane was robbed by an insider and kills Eric Kamura. Cane avoided Mecca. Zeke being Monet’s son surprised him.

After Kamura’s death, Mecca promotes Cane. Mecca nearly slices off his hand as he leaves and urges him to stay at his flat. Effie says He tells Brayden to kill Lauren Baldwin because she taped them. Cane threatens Brayden if he doesn’t kill her. Monet calls Cane by his real name, revealing Mecca as Zeke’s father. Lorenzo is murdered.

Cane hesitates despite Monet’s pressure to kill Lorenzo. Tariq killed Cane’s father, says Monet. Killing Lorenzo will alter him, says Tariq. Cane states Effie is a nasty girl when Tariq asks whether he knows Lauren. Cane and Tariq chase McVey’s troops. Tariq reminds Cane that they’re killing Mecca’s crew. Cane kills a couple of Mecca’s men and checks on Dru. Dru interrupts Carlito’s attack. He’s pleased to have his family back after Mecca’s death.


First spin-off character to kill a cop (Ramirez). Tommy, Sandoval, Tariq, James, Kanan.
Cane, Tariq St. Patrick, Kanan Stark, and Tommy Egan have killed family members.
Tariq’s main enemy in Power Book II: Ghost.
Tariq’s corruption disgusts him. Tariq murdered Ray Ray for killing Raina as Rameriz slept with Monet.

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