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Cancer Animal Symbol: The Animal Symbol And Its Meaning!

cancer animal symbol

In this article, we will discuss the cancer animal symbol, spirits, and its meaning. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Cancer is the fourth modern sign of the zodiac, coming after Gemini. Water is the element that rules the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. It comes from the constellation of Cancer and is one of the six negative signs. Its ruling planet is the Moon. Cancer is one of the symbols in the Zodiac that is represented by an animal. So, what animal is a Cancer’s spirit guide, according to Western astrology? Read on and you’ll find out!

The Cancer and the Crab

Birthday range for cancer: June 21 to July 22

Based on the Karkinos, the crab is the most prominent Cancer symbol, however lobsters or crayfish are also used. Reddish-colored Cancer is a water sign. The crab symbolises Cancer’s ability to exist in both the emotional and material worlds.

Cancers are steadfast, empathetic, and maternal. As a result, they are intuitive, imaginative, and ingenious. They’re unstable, moody, sensitive, and clingy.

Let’s take a look at both the good and bad sides of Cancer so we can better understand this highly nuanced sign!

Cancer Crab Characteristics That Are Favorable


Cancer will defend its loved ones if threatened. These Crabs are highly loyal to their loved ones and like one-on-one time. Cancers absorb room energy easily.


Cancer crabs are kind and devoted. Cancerians, the most sensitive zodiac sign, do everything out of love. They make lovely partners. When happy, they’re wonderful friends. They’re humorous, sincere, perceptive, inventive, accommodating, and entertaining.

Excellent Guardians

Cancerians are home-focused as a result. They create safe havens and spend time there. Cancerians are loving and caring caregivers.

Chris Pratt, Meryl Streep, Kathy Bates, Elon Musk, Kevin Bacon have cancer.

Cancer Crab Characteristics That Are Unfavorable


Cancer horoscopes are difficult to interpret. Celestial crabs’ passive-aggressiveness can sting. Like the crab that represents their sign, they often appear rough, brittle, or impenetrable. Underneath the hard façade is a caring spirit.

Domineering & Possessive

Cancerians are devoted and possessive, like crabs. Cancer crabs must be careful while emotionally investing in people because they risk becoming dominant. These crabs are observant and protective of their kind.


Cancerians are sensitive, compassionate, and mystical over time. Don’t be surprised if it takes a time to really know them. Cancerians may be reluctant to discuss their problems. Creating a long-lasting friendship requires doing so without intimidating them. Cancerians are charming and caring once they trust you.

The Ultimate Cancer Crab’s Guide


Astrology helps self-reflection by identifying strengths and untapped abilities. It helps find love, work, and life partners. Cancer crabs excel at designing, caring, baking, training, and teaching. Due to their intuition and caring nature, their work must assist others feel comfortable or cared for.


Cancerians are most romantic with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces. Aries and Libra are Cancer’s worst signs. Cancer parents put their children first when it comes to family. Parenting or being parented by less compatible signs isn’t the same as discovering love.


Cancerians will prosper if they’re vulnerable and trust their loved ones. It’s fine to construct a safe haven, but you shouldn’t live there. Cancer crabs must balance safety and fun. Not getting your hopes up or down too quickly and having realistic expectations of others will help you maintain a healthy balance.

Why is the crab the Cancer Animal Symbol?

Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, June 21, begins Cancer for persons born June 21-July 22. This sign’s animal emblem saw the summer solstice as the sun “pushing” across the sky.

Latin for “crab” is cancer. Hera deposited the crab’s remains in the sky after Hercules crushed it, producing the Cancer constellation.

Additional Cancer-Related Spirit Animals, According to Popular Beliefs and Ancient Traditions

Cancerians are compatible with the following spirit animals. Future blogs will detail these zodiac systems.

Chinese Astrology

Ancient Chinese calendar assigns Zodiac signs and qualities to each year of the 12-year cycle. Each Western zodiac sign has a different twin in the Chinese zodiac than their birth year animal. Next, learn about Cancer’s Chinese Zodiac “twin”

Cancer’s Chinese Zodiac twin is the sheep.

Sheep symbolize peace, compassion, and purity in Chinese iconography. Sheep spirit animal carriers are giving with time and money yet can be difficult. Their quiet resolve and power shouldn’t be underestimated.

Their quiet strength sometimes flares. This can lead to a distant or passive-aggressive behaviour if not addressed quickly enough.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic and Western astrology share numerous similarities. To find your Celtic spirit animal as a Cancer, you must know your birthday.

Wren, Cancer’s Celtic Zodiac Twin (June 10 – July 7)

Celtic wrens are innovators. Wrens keep going in danger. Their wit and motivation make them great workers. Many want to stay close to home due to a strong feeling of family obligation.

Horse is Cancer’s Celtic Zodiac twin (July 8 – August 4)

Horses want to show off their skills and can appraise the competition to design a winning strategy. The loving horse brightens any scene. As long as Horses are praised, they’ll help others. Never bet against a horse. Because they’re so powerful and dominant, Horses quickly put you in your place.

The Native American Astrology

Native American and Western astrology have the same sign dates, but different spirit animals. Below, identify your Cancer spirit animal.

Woodpecker: Cancer’s Native American Twin

Woodpeckers represent Native American care. There’s no more faithful friend or partner. Their feathers are ornamented with romance, although they might be functional. Especially in financial concerns!


Crab, sheep, wren, horse, and woodpecker are Cancer animal symbol or spirits. These are astrological and historical depictions of your temperament.

Your spirit animals may represent characteristics of your personality or life experiences. Animal dreams and encounters are widespread. Regardless of how you find your spirit animal(s), we hope you enjoyed learning about your zodiac sign’s critters.

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