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Call Of Duty- Warzone: Update Reportedly Brought Serious Party Chat Audio Issue


David Mudd

There is a little trouble in the Call of Duty Warzone lately. And it is not going well down with the fans. They are especially triggered because what went wrong is an update. This has caused a problem in the party chat audio issue.

So stay hooked to know more about this issue. And find out more about what we know of this. This update has created some major issues with the players. And they have taken to various platforms to express this.

Players are not happy with what has happened. And they want this to be resolved as soon as possible.

Call Of Duty

What Is Wrong With The Update?

Call of duty warzone brought a new update and it didn’t go as it was supposed to. The update has brought serious issues in the party chat function. If the users are to be believed then many of them have faced issues in this.

Now, this function should be working in both, the lobby and then in the game. However, the audio is now completely cut off. So the team members can not talk through it. Also, they are devoid of devising any strategy against the opposite team.

So there has to be something done about it. But when will it be resolved is still a big issue.

What Do We Know About It (Call Of Duty)?

Now the problems are also varied. The users are facing different difficulties in the game based on no specific reason. Some report to affect the entire team. That is no one can hear the audio. However, others have said that only some of the team’s audio is affected.

Now, what is going down with it is a bit questionable. And there is no comment from the officials as of yet. So we can’t conclude anything about this mess up. Also, there is no way to determine if these reports are true at all. Or are related to the game or not.

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Call Of Duty

Is There A Solution?

Now no one has exactly addressed this issue from the Infinity Ward. So there is nothing that we can say with surety about this. However, restarting the systems have worked for some players.

It seems like the bug is in the latest update that came on Wednesday. So we are hoping for a proper solution for it to be out as soon as possible.