Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Discovery, Invincibility Glitch, GamePlay And Leaks!


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Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most active games on the market right now. For good reason, too. It blends the new Modern Warfare’s tight gunplay, excellent sound design and overall style with the battle royale genre.

Call of Duty Warzone Player Discovers Massive Glitch

In a space that only PUBG and Fortnite dominated once, additions like Call Od Duty Warzone and Apex Legends only serve to give us better games. However, none of these games is without their flaws. Call Of Duty Warzone players, in particular, have discovered a massive glitch that makes winning ridiculously easy.

Reddit user u/Matth5hew found out about this glitch and posted a video of it to the r/CODWarzone subreddit. In it, he shows that if a player buys back a teammate after the circle of the play area has already closed, they essentially become invincible.

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty Warzone Glitch Lets Players Claim Easy Wins

What happens is, this player spawns into the air, in the gas, and doesn’t land on the ground. What’s more, the gas seems to have no effect on this floating players health at all. To make matters even worse, the players who have survived all this time on the ground can’t attack and kill the newly revived player. They’re simply too far away.

So what ends up happening, is that all the players who are on the ground who have played through the match legitimately end up dying in the gas. All this white, this newly revived player continues to float in the air, invincible and unharmed. After all the players on the ground have died in the gas, this revived player is the only one left standing and claims the win for their team.

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Call Of Duty

Infinity Ward Need To Patch This Bug Quickly

This is an utterly disastrous, game-breaking bug in Call Of Duty Warzone. Players can easily exploit this glitch and rack up wins with what essentially amounts to cheating. Infinity Ward needs to move quickly to patch this before players get frustrated.

Call Of Duty Warzone is free to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.