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Call Of Duty- Warzone: Players Discover Invincibility Glitch, Gameplay And Leaks


David Mudd

Call of Duty: Warzone deals with the new feature in the game, where you get invincible when you buy teammate back after the circle is closed.

If you are a player of the Call of Duty then you may come across with different bugs and glitches in the game. These bugs and glitches are really helpful in the game for players.

But the most latest features in the games makes the gamers leave with the disgust.

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If the players bought the teammate back after the circle is closed, then that teammate will fly in the air. This made the player becomes completely invincible, even when it comes to taking damage from the gas. The feature makes the players simply go round in the air like hovering without any damage and letting the gas kill their enemies on the ground.

Call Of Duty

The game’s glitches appears before the 28th April. But now the game is beneficial who ever buys the teammate back when he was in the circle closed. This makes the others game with bad and unexpected way of game play. With the hovering in the sky which kills the enemies on the ground.

The new Infinity ward is also the part of the game. Infinity Ward generally releases its updates of the game Call of Duty  Warzone without not intimating much plot. But the May 5 update seems with different as the update is upcoming up new things in the gameplay.

And the game confirmed with the Call of Duty May 5 update will add new game modes like gunfight knives only and the game reloaded. The game will come with multiplayer and we don’t know what new plans and updates of the games. The game is made available on PC PS4, Xbox One.

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