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Call of Duty: Warzone Duos Likely To Be Under Development


David Mudd

Call Of Duty: Warzone leaks continue to drop even after the game is already out. The new battle royale game is Call Of Duty’s second go-around at the genre. Black Ops IV’s Blackout mode was the series’ first take on the popular format, but those who wanted to play Blackout had to purchase the full game.

Modern Warfare Season 3 Brings Changes To Warzone

Warzone, on the other hand, is a completely free, standalone title. It’s based on the new Modern Warfare, but players don’t have to buy the full game to play it. As such, any updates that come to Modern Warfare’s full multiplayer mode do include some tweaks and updates that Warzone-only players will also get to enjoy.

Now, with Modern Warfare Season 3 coming out, Warzone did see some changes. Instead of its usual trios mode, Warzone now has a quads mode for the battle royale. As the names suggest, this ups the number of teammates required from three to four.

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A Quads Mode For Warzone (Call of Duty)

This mode is in addition to the solos mode and Plunder mode that the game already has. However, some fans were annoyed at the fact that the trios mode is gone entirely. Many players had already formed a tight-knit three-person team. Now, they’re stuck with looking for a fourth player.

Duos Mode Also Leaked, Likely Coming Soon

Those of you who are struggling to make up the extra numbers, Warzone may have another update coming to ease your frustrations. Call Of Duty’s website briefly displayed an image that teased a Duos mode for Warzone. They quickly took the image down, but Reddit users managed to grab a screenshot before that happened.

This would add even more diversity to the game’s already varied set of game modes. Also, while it’s not quite the same as the older Trios mode, it should remove some of the burdens of finding players to form a full squad.

There’s no official word from Activation or Infinity Ward about the Duos mode, but at this point, it’s a foregone conclusion. Warzone may get this update as part of Season 3’s many changes. It’s just a matter of time.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game also supports cross-play between consoles and PCs. So, if one of you is on PS4 while the others are on PC, you can still play together.