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Call Of Duty – Warzone: Dis You Know You Could Do This In The Warzone?


David Mudd

There is no other better time than this to launch a free-to-play game. A lot of people in most of the countries are staying inside their homes because of coronavirus. So, playing video games is one of the best ways to pass the time. Call of Duty: Warzone came in the perfect time.

The number of gamers reaches out for the game shows the results. 30 million people played Warzone within 2 weeks. We also get into a hunt for finding some tips and tricks that can be done in the game.

Call Of Duty

Things You Can Do In Call Of Duty Warzone

Players can get a head start by cutting the cord after popping the parachute. It can be done many times to dive again. Whenever you cut the cord, you will get a little speed boost. It throws the player forward aggressively. Besides, after cutting code, you can draw your starting pistol before landing. That helps to take some shots over other players before they landing.

You can check the map in the minute the cargo plane is shown. This will help you to find where the closing circle of gas will start. It helps the player to find a place where most of the players will land. Picking up a perfect spot is the best way to start and win.

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Call Of Duty Warzone also has a cash economy like its battle royale mode. The player can make cash by contracts too. But keeping too much money will not provide any bonuses. It is only for use in buy stations and kill streaks. So, utilizing them to buy things is the right thing to do. It can also be used to bring back your team members from the Gulag fight if they win.

Call Of Duty

Warzone also has a ping system like any other battle royale game to communicate with your teammates. You can show them the place where you are aiming at. This is a better way to win with good team play.

Warzone has plunder mode too. If the player needs change in the pace of the game. They can change the mode into plunder. It is based only on cash. You have to spend some time in server queues waiting for the players to join the mode.