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Call of Duty- Warzone: Console Players Deactivating Crossplay To Avoid PC Cheaters

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone were two among the games which released last year. In that most of the games gave crossplay features in all devices. That was used by gamers with any of the gaming devices to play together. It was praised as the glorious tool that brings the players from different consoles and PC devices together.

But it got another turn that mostly the PC gamers started cheating in gameplay which was not able to do through consoles. So, it was mostly done by PC gamers. A small group tried to ruin other truthful gamer's dream. After all, the players who use PS 4 and Xbox One are now turning off the crossplay feature in their consoles.

Call Of Duty

Developer's Stand On The Issue (Call of Duty)

Many of the gamers claimed against cheaters with alarming frequency. Call of Duty Developers also taking the issue seriously right now. The cheaters played a difficult mode with much ease with less to lose. Infinity Ward, the developers of the game had caught and banned about 70,000 cheaters in the community.

There is a zero-tolerance approach going on with developers towards cheaters. Cheating in this kind of gaming is more easily done with PC. Some of the cheats done include automatically aiming at head, kills through walls, and other troublesome issues.

Call Of Duty

Whenever the crossplay feature is on, it is more likely to run into this kind of player. So, the only thing to do for escaping from them is to turn off the crossplay feature. Besides, Infinity Ward is working on things to sort out the issue as soon as possible. Let us hope for the best way without the valuable feature getting removed.

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