Call of Duty- Warzone: Cheaters Will Be Forced To Play Each Other

It is over for all the cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone. Now, Infinity Ward has found out a technique to remove all the cheaters in the game. They will be taking them down using their hacks. And it is going to be interesting from now on. So read on to know more about what is happening.

The cheaters have been using unfair advantages in the game. So the game is not fair for all the users that are there to play. To avoid any such problem, now the makers have decided to find a way to eradicate any cheaters on the platform.

Ever since there was news of players using unfair means, the makers were trying to get it right. And the doomsday is here for them now.

Call Of Duty

What Is Going To Happen (Call Of Duty)?

infinity Ward has found ways to take down all the cheaters. They will now be playing on their servers but afar from the other players. So, they’ll be forced to play with each other rather than with the general population.

The developer had added the warzone mode to the game earlier this year. This is a 150 person game and has its ways.

The person that remains at the end wins. Now this ‘last team standing’ concept had ruled the internet for quite some time. And Infinity Ward had added it to the youths favorite video game.

What Was Going On?

But it wasn’t all good in this model. It was attacked by cheaters. They used unfair means to exert their power and gain an advantage in the game. So they ruined the otherwise amazing game.

To stop this from happening, they are banished to their unique servers. Now they can no longer affect the game of the general players.

Using aimbots and other such tactics are not right for a fair gameplay. But now the players can play freely without being affected by such cheaters.

Call Of Duty

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The makers had been working on this for long. But now that it is released, everyone is eager to see how things will go down. It will make the game better. And the players that want to play will be at a benefit.

Warzone is the place for friends to team up and now the developers have ensured that this mode is better. So there’s your 2020 gift from Infinity Ward to make the times of lockdown fair.