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Call Of Duty Warzone: A New Behind The Scenes Video Released By Developers

Call of Duty: Warzone is already considered as a must-play game by many. Especially in this situation in which gamers are staying inside their houses. Warzone already had required reach among people. Together with this pandemic situation. It became more considerable. It already got millions of players within two weeks.

Call Of Duty

Activation released a behind the scene overview video for the game now. Behind the scenes video have developers talking about the game. They talk about all the modes and features available in the new game. The video has an overview of the free-to-play game. It shows deep information on specialties in the game.

What Is It In The Video Call Of Duty?

The developers claim in the video that it is the first-ever Call of Duty free-to-play game for the Infinity Ward and Raven Software teams. Gamers love the idea of playing in an open world.

Call Of Duty one provides that experience without losing the classic feel of call of duty games. They needed the game to be different from other battle royales. Besides, they wanted their own special features in it and they did it.

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The new features  already achieved a large amount of attention over gamers. Those features include an in-game currency system, re-spawn mechanic, and the contracts. Besides, it includes different modes and innovations in the game. One of them is Gulag. The players dead in the game will be thrown into Gulag.

Call Of Duty

The dead players need to fight and win to enter back into the game. However, it is not an easy task to do. You have to win a one-to-one fight and wait for your friends to take you back using money. Besides, behind the scenes, video include sneak peeks from all the modes and innovations. After all, the video is colorful and dynamic in every way. Beyond everything, surviving in Warzone needs extreme teamwork.