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Call Of Duty: Ninja Criticizes This Warzone Feature Of Call Of Duty


David Mudd

Call Of Duty is one of the most loved games right now. Many popular gamers are playing the game and are streaming it on YouTube. Amongst this, a popular streamer Ninja has expressed dissatisfaction with one feature of call of duty. This has divided the world as people have differing opinions.

The game is much appreciated. It is also one of the most downloaded games in recent times. The only thing that needs to be ensured is if this discontent will cause a massive change or not.

Call Of Duty

Ninja Called Out This Feature Of Call Of Duty

Ninja has recently expressed discontent over custom load-outs in Call of duty: warzone. This feature allows many people to have similar weapons. So, this causes a lot less randomness. Many people have similar weaponry and are using it without much trouble. This is making the game more annoying since it features less variety.

People Are Divided

Ninja’s comment has divided the people associated with the game. While some think that this is a very motivating feature since you can get your desired weapon after each match. If you have enough cash in the game, you can, therefore, be provided with a certain consistency in the kind of weapon that you handle.

On the other side, other gamers think that getting a random weapon will increase the thrift in the game and that it matches the general appeal of the game. Making their opinion with Ninja, they feel that being random will allow players to get more exposure and improve their game more.

Call Of Duty


Will This Stir Some Change?

There is no indication of any change by Raven Software or by Infinity war in that matter. No one has as such wanted to change custom load-outs in Call of Duty: Warzone. But, if there are more complaints, there will be changes in change. The makers can cause a change in this feature if many people get against this.

The frustration regarding the current issue can cause a massive stir amongst major players. Consequently, the makers will be forced to imply a change in favor of the makers. But, as of now, nothing of this respect is happening soon. You can still use custom load outs.

Call Of Duty