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Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Warzone Release Date and Gameplay Leaks


David Mudd

Isn’t it annoying when there are so many leaks and spoilers out there about so many series, movies, video games, and franchises? What is even harder is the fact that all of this is on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and etc, etc, things we really can’t stay away from.

The game series

Call Of Duty

The call of duty game Series/Franchise is the first of its kind to become a first-person shooter game. It was published by Activism, designed exclusively for mobile phones. on the other hand, call of duty modern warfare is a video game in this franchise that was released in 2019.

The call of duty updates officially hit the PS4 and Xbox just two to three days ago, which you’d probably be knowing if you love video games and series as this one here is quite popular.

A sweet pet!

Now the Tamagunchi is a new pet that you can own with your smartwatch that is going to be there with you throughout. This is something, I personally highly adore, as one, it’s a cute animal and two, the pet being able to engage with you as you play is some serious fun experience.

The leaks.

Back to the real piece of info in hand, the game’s release date and the gameplay is said to have leaked.

While it is exciting for a few to see and experience spoilers, true fans and gamers oftentimes find it really obnoxious. In Okami’s tweet, it was suggested that the trailer would drop either on March 5 or March 9.

It is also speculated that the modern warfare zone will have a battle royale mode which is said to be developed by Raven Software.

As for the time and date, it is said to be unclear, and well were planning to leave that on a little hold!

The war-zone and the weapons are all unified in some cases, which is one major fault in this game almost gamers find that extremely disappointing, as is shown in this video, the war-zone should be unique by itself.

So the game in final, looks extremely weird, like extremely weird in a few shots, filled with question marks, or heists or modes, etc

Stay tuned to know more!