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Call Of Duty-Modern Warfare: The New Update Adds Shotgun, Playlist And More


David Mudd

Call of Duty just released a new game, Modern Warfare. The update is very recent and has fared very well with the fans. Everyone is trying to make out the most of this new update. Warfare is by far the biggest addition to the game. Along with this, the new update brought many fixes, upgrades, and weapons as well.

General Fixes In The Update

The new update fixed some general bugs and also helped in adding a search and rescue feature. It added the most amazing, VLK Shotgun to the armoury and fans couldn’t be happier. The new update has added an option to toggle between the square or circular minimap as per user convenience. It has also fixed many existing bugs in the game.

Now the game is smoother and works very fine on all platforms. The juggernauts will now have increased damage when hit using a thermite crossbow. A new Mayhem Mosh Pit is added to the game which is 10v10 grind, drop zone, and cranked.

Amazing New Weapons

There is an addition of tons of new weapons to the artillery. The players can now use new weapons and enjoy the game even more. Some new weapons include a 725 Sawed-Off Barrel with increased move and ADS speed. The weapon extended its lethal close damage range and reduced the high damage range. The ADS damage is also significantly reduced.

For the 7-RAM variety, the fix offers the Corrupter to not use any sniper scopes. The new update has restricted the .357 Snake Shot in the CDL public playlist. The makers have updated the ammo descriptions of the ‘Bludgeoner’ LMG and the ‘Skull Hammer’ Shotgun. This has made accessing them way easier.

New Challenges And Missions

New updates means new challenges and new missions to keep the pros on the toes. The makers have ensured that something is interesting to keep their players hooked this time as well. For starters, Leaderboards for Azhir Cave (night) and St. Petrograd have been added to the game. Issues are fixed for Operation Just Reward and Operation StrongBox.

It has the feature where now the camera is in a fixed position when reviving while prone or crouched. Overall, this update has been very brilliant to help eradicate the past problems whilst adding something new.

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