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Call Of Duty-Modern Warfare: The First-Person Shooter Takes Up Nearly 200 GB Of Space, Filling Up Players’ Hard Drives


David Mudd

Call of duty is one of the most famous games amongst the youth. And it has gathered a lot of youth towards itself. It makes them want more. Especially with the lockdown now, everyone is hyped up with each new update of the game.

However, things arent so happy right now. In Modern Warfare, players have complaints with the makers. Infinity Ward is making heavy updates that are consuming a lot of disk space for most users.

The game is very bulky as such and now with the added updates, things aren’t getting any easy. So there is a lot of complaining about the latest updates by the makers.

But what is the chaos about? And why are people complaining? Find out by reading more.

Call Of Duty

What Is The Whining About?

The game is already bulky. And now that infinity ward has updates for it, fans don’t seem too pleased. They think that there is a lot of space used on their disks due to the game. And it is no lie. The game is a massive 180 GB worth of disk space on your PC.

Moreover, on your consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, it is about 185 GB. Added to this are the two recent updates of the game. The updates have come in batches of 12 GB and 18 GB downloads.

And that together makes the game up to a whopping 200 GB. Also, without these updates, you can’t join any online matches. So that can be quite disheartening.

More About The Updates (Call Of Duty)

However, you can skip the second update. There is no need to update your game with the 18 GB update but then they only have to play the battle royale mode Warzone. Other than that they have no option.

They can accumulate both the updates in one and download one 32 GB update. It depends on you how you want to go about it.

Call Of Duty

However, the compulsion of the update is frustrating. People are not happy with the disk space commitment that the game requires. And that is creating several issues. Other than that, everything is good.

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Is The Game Worth The Hype?

The game is amazing. It offers great gameplay and it is multiplayer. Added to that the battle royale experience is unbeatable. So there is no denying the fact that the game is amazing. You should get your hands on it.

However, the concern is the space that it requires. This isn’t something that the users are pleased about. And they think that it should be improved upon.

But the fact is that the developer will be getting new updates soon so there is no reason why the game will not hit the 200 GB mark very soon.