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Call Of Duty-Modern Warfare: Game’s Major Bug In Search And Destroy Not Fixed Yet

Call Of Duty is under trouble with its bugs, the game has a fair number of bugs. But these “BUGS” are making troubleshooting issues to users. The players are randomly got troubled with this issue and the bugs are yet to be fixed.

Game Bug Is Yet To Destroy (Call Of Duty)

The game is frequently facing these problems which make a user on a team move before the round starts. Search and Destroy are not so easy in gaming so the game provides many disadvantages to the players. But to the fate, the Infinity War is unavailable to search and fix the bug.

This bug came under the investigation recently and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Joe Cecot said on 18th April 2020: “Awful bug that we don’t have a repro in dev for.” As the time rolls on there is a fair chance to fix the bug as soon as possible.

Call Of Duty

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The Infinity Ward Gained huge popularity in its post-launch itself. As of the game, it will release updates of Modern warfare weekly that also bring bugs, additional problems too. So there is a chance to hold on the Infinity Ward even the bug found and fixed or not.

As of now, the game developer Cecot is fixing and working on the Ground War bug. This bug makes the players go with map areas that are currently not in access and this also made the Season 3 Challenges impossible to finish.

So, in the middle fans can go through the new content on Infinity Ward besides hanging on bugs. Infinity Ward has plenty of new content which surely surprises, including new weapons, maps and many more. Modern Warfare Season 4 is also under to view. As of now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So, jump on it to go crazy around the game.

Call Of Duty


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