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Call Of Duty Mobile: Game Launches $1 Million Tournament


David Mudd

Good news for Call Of Duty Mobile lovers as the company launches a 1 million dollar sports event. Furthermore, read ahead to know more about the event and the franchise. Also, read ahead to know how you can register for the esports event.

When Is The Esports Competition

Activision, creator of the Call Of Duty franchise is hosting the Call Of Duty esports competition. The event will commence on 30th April 2020. Furthermore, the date is officially and we do not expect any postponements in the event date.

Moreover, the esports event is free to take part in. As a result, all mobile gamers can take part in the online tournament beginning on 30th April 2020. The official time of release on 30th April 2020 will be announced in a day or two.

Esports In Quarantine

Call Of Duty

Esports event globally usually takes place at a pre-decided location. Furthermore, Japan, France, and the United States are known as the venue for big esports events. However this time it is a different story.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone is at home. Moreover, all venue based esports events are canceled. As a result, people stick to their console at home to take part in online events.

Activision realized this situation. Therefore, the company decided to hold the Call Of Duty Mobile Tournament this month-end. Not only will this keep the game playing audience intact, but it also increases participation. This is because everyone is at home with considerable time in their hands.

Furthermore, Activision has committed 1 million dollars to organize the esports event. The company wants to ensure that the event goes smoothly without any flaws or setbacks while organizing it online.

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Details About The Esports Event

Call Of Duty

Sony is the sponsor of the Call Of Duty Mobile World Championship. All those players who ranked Veteran or higher in the multiplayer can take part in stage 1 of the competition. Moreover, online qualifiers will begin on 30th April 2020 to 24th May 2020.

Also, you must be 18 years of age or older to take part in the competition. Violating any rules or considering any unethical approach such as hacking will result in severe consequences.