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Call Of Duty : List Of Best Loadouts For Battle Royale Of Warzone


David Mudd

Call of Duty warzone is emerging as one of the biggest video games now. It has earned the interest of many gamers globally with about 15 million players in its first three days. With competition so fierce, you should have some tricks up your sleeve to ace your way.

To get yourself an edge over the others in a 150 player battle royale, you can use the SBMM feature. Although it is much debated about, this feature has also been the solace of many players. With a good use of custom loadouts, you can earn yourself an advantage. So, you can hype up your chances to win at the game.

Assault Rifle Loadouts (Call of Duty)

Assault Rifle is the primary weapon of choice in Call of Duty: Warzone for the obvious reasons. It gets you an easy kill and is also a very convenient weapon for open, outclassed wars.

In the mid-range, these weapons can work like a charm and can down your opponent in no time. This is why they are so essential to bear. Their suppressors are usually lightweight and they have a high accuracy of the shot. Some loadouts that can ease your way to victory are:

  • M4A1 (Arguably the best weapon )
  • M19
  • Oden
  • P90

SMG Loadouts

Although this is something that you will consider getting from a loot, from an enemy that is downed, this can be en excellent killer. This weapon works well in buildings and close range cases. These weapons are on the top tier list for Modern Warfare. But for the battles in the open, this can be a disappointment. This is why it is not considered as a primary weapon.

Some choices you should consider are:

  • MP7
  • MP5
  • RPG7
  • AX50

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Sniper Rifle Loadouts (Call of Duty)

Sniping can be a great way to get yourself to victory in the Warzone. However, it is recommended that you also use other weapons in combination with Sniper Rifles for the best use. If you snipe your enemies on their weakest, you can earn some serious benefits.

So, you should consider hitting them in the head while they enter the game, or when they are looking for other weapons. Eliminating your opponents in the earliest stages will reduce your competition. Therefore, it will increase your chances of victory.

Call Of Duty

The Sniper Rifles you should consider for the job are:

  • HDR
  • PKM
  • Ram 7