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Call Of Duty 2020: Shutdowns Due To Coronavirus Delay The Launch Of COD 2020

The gaming world changes a lot faster than we thought. And this year is a crucial time for the online video game industry. New games news is releasing every week and news about delay in the release as well. Well, Call Of Duty made their fans already excited about the next sequel release. But here is the twist. There is news about the delay of the release of Call of duty 2020 which will be a disappointment for fans.

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty

COD is a well-known name for gamers. But let me remind you again little. Call Of Duty: Mobile is free to play first-person shooter games. This game is developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activism for android as well as iOS 0n 1st October 2019. Call Of Duty already created history on its first launch with 148 million downloads in the gaming world.

As we know it is a shooter game, so it can be played by multiple players. After the huge success of COD, the company brought a new update to players. This new update is known as Call of Duty: warzone, going to release in 2020. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, it may delay.

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Corona Outbreak Situation

Most of us already have lots of information about it. SARS-CoV-2 Is the main cause of COVID-19 disease. Though it was first identified in Wuhan, the current center of this virus outbreak in Europe. It’s getting worse in the world. The situation in Italy is the worst of all the countries. Doctors and researchers from across the globe try trying to find out its vaccination, but this procedure needs time, a few months or years.

The Launch Of COD 2020 May Delay Due To Coronavirus

Call Of Duty

A few weeks ago Long Sensation leaked all the details about COD 2020. But recently the claimer declared disappointing news. He stated that the coronavirus outbreak can cause a delay in the game’s release. Not only COD, but it will affect other games too.

Coronavirus pandemic is already having a huge impact on the gaming industry, as I told before. From Overwatch League to Pokemon Go, all experienced the effect. However, we can expect that when the next series of COD will arrive, it will be another hit in the gaming market.

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