When Will Café Minamdang Season 2 Hit Our Screens? Find Out Now


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The current South Korean television series Café Minamdang, which stars Kwon Soo-Hyun, Kang Mi-na, Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, and Kwak Si-yang, was created by Ko Jae-Hyun.

On the Minamdang webbook, it is based. The winning entry was Case Note by author Jung Jae-web ha, which was serialized on KakaoPage and given the platform’s highest distinction.

The program premiered on June 27, 2022, and it is shown on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30. (KST). It can also be accessed through Netflix streaming in some regions. There will be a total of 18 episodes.

Nam Han Joon, a former criminal profiler who is now a con artist, is the story’s main character. He runs the shop Minamdang and poses as a fortune teller to commit his scams.

Release Date for Season 2 of Café Minamdang

The first episode of this 18 episode season aired on June 27, 2022. Unless they contain fewer episodes, the majority of Korean television shows do not receive a second season. When the series doesn’t come to a satisfying end, the second circumstance arises.

Although we can’t be certain, it appears highly unlikely that Café Minamdang will have a second season because there are more than enough episodes for current season to wrap up the story.

Café Minamdang Season 2 Release Date

According to every statement the creators have made, Season 2 has not yet been announced, not even by them. This page will be updated if a second season of this incredible series is released.

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Cafe Minamdang Season 2 Story

We cannot foresee the plot of the upcoming episode because the second season of the show has not yet been released, nor is there any official information about it. Perhaps the new season will return with some new faces and a plot-driven plotline. The only way we’ll learn more about that is to wait until the following season.

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Cafe Minamdang Season 2 Cast

Oh Yeon-seo, who plays Han Jae-hee, Kwak Si-yang, who portrays Gong Soo-Cheol, a barista who doubles as a homicide investigator, and Kang Mi-na, who portrays Nam Hye-Joon, Han-younger joon’s sister, are all with Seo In-guk, who plays Nam Han-Joon.


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The cast also features Baek Seo-hoo as Jonathan, a part-time employee at Minamdang, Kwon Soo-Hyun as Cha Do-won, an educated and wealthy prosecutor at the Criminal Affairs Section of the Western District Prosecutors’ Office, and more actors.

Jung Man-Sik portrays Jang Doo-jin, a detective with fifteen years of experience, and Heo Jae-ho plays Kim Sang-hyeop, another detective. We are unable to comment at this time because Season 2 has not yet been confirmed.

Season 1 of Café Minamdang’s story

Although the storyline is overly brief, Café Minamdang more than makes up for what it lacks in intrigue in the gorgeous journey to the story with its focus.

With smash cuts abounding, a profusion of extreme close-ups, soft focus views, the occasional sepia-tinged childhood flashback, and some amazing drone filming of combat moments, the scene transitions achieve a degree of slickness uncommon even for K-dramas. Guk makes excellent use of his comical abilities in portraying his character’s almost unlimited ego.

Kang Mi-na keeps it cool as Han-sister joon’s hacker and a former agent of the national intelligence service. She also gives Han-Joon details on probable victims.

The consistent genre-bending and homages, however, are an equally rich source of humor. Nevertheless, Yeon-seo delivers a fight scene a la The Matrix and symphonic stabs a la Hans Zimmer in just the first episode alone, both of which contain wirework and clothes clearly influenced by Carrie-Anne Moss.

The program then switches genres once more as it sketches out the love-hate connection between Han-Joon and Jae-potential hee (if that is indeed how it would pan out). Han-Joon is given a kick to the shins at the conclusion of their first significant disagreement, and it is not subtle. The audience receives their reward from the plot’s rapid growth.

Han-Joon, who worries about “managing” the demands of his VVIP clients, and Jae-hee, who is attempting to corner a criminal she doesn’t yet know is Han-Joon, come into conflict more than once. Han-Joon, for example, apparently accepted a technicality from the “spirits” that allowed him to exonerate a dubious client.

The tangled plot, however, demands a “client of the week”-style structure while enabling the numerous story arcs to develop independently.

If Café Minamdang is seen as a comedy first and foremost, especially when it comes to the dramatic battle sequences, occasional forays into farce can be excused.

Café Minamdang Season 2 Release Date


Not to mention infodumps, which are a growingly common way to inform viewers about plot points that were omitted from recent episodes. But an extremely captivating experience is produced by the enthusiastic performances of the ensemble cast, the laughing, and the exhilarating thrills and spills.


Well, the tragic news is here! For a second season, Café Minamdang has not yet made a formal announcement. The fans are in the dark because Netflix has not yet announced a cancellation, renewal, or confirmation. Not all Korean dramas receive a second season renewal. Even yet, this comes as a huge shock considering how popular Café Minamdang Season 1 has been worldwide.

Season 1 of Café Minamdang just ended on August 23, 2022. You may watch the series on Netflix if you missed it, though. The availability of this drama on the aforementioned portal varies by location, nevertheless. Yet, the audience is eagerly anticipating its renewal.

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