Buried in Barstow Part 2: Creators Have Confirmed the Production of the Movie



The science of the year 2023 has seen some of the greatest movies of all time, and there is no doubt that Oppenheimer and Barbie have remained one of the most while it is out the topic for the audience. With the release of the biggest films, we can’t deny the fact that certainly, other movies have been in the talks. 

Recently, please stop wondering about the future status of the show and the mother time you read the article. The majority of fans have already witnessed certain news about the popular Buried in Barstow film. There are a lot of people who have already watched the first part of the film and have excitedly wondered about the future potential of the show. 

In today’s article, we will be going to unfold all the details regarding the part of the show. I know that you are waiting to learn about the series and that’s why we are here to tell you everything. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss any updates.

Buried in Barstow Part 2: Renewed or Canceled?

The story of the first part of the movie ended on a major cliffhanger and it allowed the audience to think about the possible future of the show. You will be glad to learn that the creators have officially announced that they will be working on the second part of the show.

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 The news regarding part two of the Buried in Barstow game is surprising, but the majority of his fans have already believed in it. So, if you guys were confused regarding the upcoming sequel of the film, it is finally happening.

We ask her readers to wait for a while so that we can gather more information on the topic. Bookmark this page so that you don’t miss any updates.

Buried in Barstow Part 2 Release Date: When it is going to Release?

Ever since then, people have had questions about the future of the show as the story of the film ended on a suspicious note. You will be glad to learn that the production of the upcoming part of the film has already begun and people were already wondering about it.

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According to the latest news from the creators, the filming has already begun. This means that the release date of the series is sooner than we expect. As of now, there has been no confirmation regarding the exact release date for the upcoming part.

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t get a release date soon. The viewers can expect to get the release date by the end of this year. We believe that the second part of Buried in Barstow might be released in 2024.

Buried in Barstow Part 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

There have been long s[equations on the cast of the show. I know you want to know about the cast who will be in the upcoming sequel. You will be glad to learn that all the main characters of the show will be heading back. In the next few lines, we will be talking about the cast of the movie. Continue reading the article to find out more about it.

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  • Angie Harmon as Hazel King
  • Lauren Richards as Joy King
  • Kristoffer Polaha as Elliot
  • Timothy Granaderos as Travis
  • Bruce McGill as Von
  • Jessica A. Caesar as Simone
  • Ben Cain as Perry Gamble
  • Matt Cornwell as Willy
  • George Paez as Javier
  • Brendan Patrick Connor as Rudy
  • G-Rod as Phil
  • Exie Booker as Carl
  • Casey Mills as Conrad
  • Curtis Lyons
  • Nelson Bonilla as Deputy Navarro
  • Chris TC Edge as Casino High Roller
  • Scott Hunter as Kurt
  • Anthony Reynolds as Walter Chernov

Along with this, there might be some additional faces in the series. At the time of writing, the official has not released any such updates, but people have already anticipated new characters being in the film. We are looking into the matter and if there will be any updates on the cast, then we will make sure to let you know.

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Buried in Barstow Part 2 Plot: What to Expect with the Show??

In an interview, the creator talked by saying “I would like for there to be six to eight [movies], and hopefully we can get there. I did see this more as a series. But I appreciate the vision that Tom [Evans, screenwriter] has for it as two-hour movie segments.”

Contemplating whether all these entries would materialize, she added: “But I’m not sure. Maybe if people keep liking them, we’ll keep making them. Hopefully. We start filming the next one at the beginning of June.

Buried in Barstow Part 2 Official Trailer

Are you waiting for the official trailer? We have often seen that the official trailer of the series gets released once production of the show gets concluded. At the time of writing, the series is already working on its production and that’s why it is quite hard for us to come up with a trailer.

As the filming of the show has already begun, we are hoping that the trailer will be released soon. We ask a reader to wait for a while so that the production gets completed and we can offer then the official trailer.


The show has already released its first part back in 2022 and fans have been waiting to learn about the future of the show. The story of the movie follows a mother who is trying to have a third daughter by any means. Filled with thriller, adventure, and action, it has remained one of the most talked about topics among film lovers. Thankfully, the film is confirmed to release for the audience soon.

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