Bulletstorm 2: Is it Coming out? All Latest Updates:


David Mudd

If you admire playing games on Playstation then surely you have played Bulletstorm. One such shooter game that holds the gamers with its amazing in-game experience.

And of course, you happen to be one of the keys admirers of the game that why you are here- searching whether the Bulleterstorm second part is pre-production stage or not? Right……

Well, considering your eagerness to know about Bulletstorm 2, we have collected all the details about it and gathered them for you. So, stay until you reach the comment section and so let us know your experience with the Bulletstorm first part.

Let’s get started with a short description:

Bulletstorm 2: An Overview:

Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter video game released on 22nd February 2011. The game was developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. The amazing plot of the game was written by Rick Remender.

The game is unique by the system of rewarding players with “skill shots” for executing creative kills. The game’s story is set in the 26th century which follows Grayson Hunt, a space pirate and former black OPS soldier who gets shot in a war field while attempting to expect revenge on General Serrano.

General Serrano is Greyson’s former Commander who tricked him and his men to perform war crimes and assassinating innocents.

Undoubtedly, the game is one of the best games among the shooter game. Hence, the gamers are anticipating its second part that brings a lot of enthusiasm and adventure.

Bulletstorm 2: What game offers to you?

Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter game that focuses on combat. The game includes eight weapons, each with its own different functions.

Other than standard firearms such as assault rifles and shotguns, the game includes uncommon weapons such as “Bouncer” that shoots explosive bouncing cannonballs and the “Flailgun” a type of cannon that shoots bolas with grenades.

Each weapon has a substitute fire mode that uses “charges”, to illustrate, the screamer revolver’s charge shot modifies the weapon into a flare gun that burns the enemy and sends them into the air.

In addition to the single-player mode, players can enter two other additional modes. The first mode is “Echoes”, in this mode players can play single player mode and kill enemies in any way within a fixed time period. Ratings are given to each player on their performance and uploaded on a leaderboard.

The second mode is “Anarchy”, which is a four-player multiplayer mode in which players fight with a stream of enemies and perform skill shots. When the players collect enough skill shots, then new arenas and levels are unlocked.

Bulletstorm 2: Release Date

According to the information received by various sources, the creation of the Bulletstorm 2 pc game is still planned. The company’s representative made this statement in an exhibition where they brought a re-edition.

The makers wanted to make a release after the company’s representative brought the re-edition. Releasing a whole series of Bulletstorm 2 games has a great possibility.

Preparatory test material has been issued in the re-edition before the main upcoming work. This release gave the spectators an understanding of what the game would be. The makers assessed the audience’s interest in the game and their main requests were evaluated.

So, keep hoping the developers will soon announce the launch date as they have a plan to come up with Bulletstorm 2. But as of now, the release date is not announced and hence you have to wait for it.

Bulletstorm 2: What’s New!!!!!!!!!

As per the information collected from some sources, the makers will pay extra attention to sound purity, a smoother frame rate, and high-resolution textures for better gameplay.

As per the data of the first part, the leash was liked by the audience, which can be dragged by the protagonist’s left hand and help them to get a better grip on the enemies. The second part should have similar specifications but with the new upgrade, it will look even more original.

All in all, makers are giving their best to impart best the experience in your favorite game.

Downloading and Playing Bulletstorm?

For playing the game, firstly you have to download the game. Various websites are claiming to provide the downloading link but we suggest you download it from the official source. As some platforms redirect you to malware software and sites.

So, you can buy and download Bulletstorm from their official website (

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Bulletstorm 2: Requirements for PC

Well, we know you are super duper excited to play the second installment of the game. But it is entirely important to focus on the specifications and the requirements in order to play smoothly and without any hindrance.

Bulletstorm 2

The second part of gameplay would have pc requirements of the latest mechanism. The new requirements are textures, boosts, post effects, and graphics. Complete details have not been shared by the makers yet but soon they will reveal them.

Moreover, you access it on multiple devices. It will be accessible on Xbox, One, PS4, PC with 4k support on PC, Xbox One X, and PS4 PRO.

Of course, the section will be updated for you when the developers disclose the entire requirements.

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Bulletstorm: Ratings and Reviews

Initially, Bulletstorm did not get much noticed in the early stage of the release. But with the passage of time, it received a good response from the players.

Moreover, it got recorded in the top gameplays. Bulletstorm was rated as 7.8 out of 10 by IGN, 76 % by Metacritic, and 4 out of 5 by Eurogamer.

Concluding Note:

Keep your excitement level to high as the makers have a plan for the second part. Soon, they will reveal the launch date. We have shared in-depth information with you about it so that no area gets folded up.

Although the release date has not been announced, makers are working on it. It is great news for all the fans. Isn’t it? Keep hoping the same, you will surely admire the next part as developers are putting their best effort to bring new entertainment to your table.